If Your Ex Does These 22 Things, He Still Has The Hots For You

Unsplash, Tim Gouw
Unsplash, Tim Gouw

1. He uses any excuse he can think of to see you. He keeps stopping by to drop off earrings you left at his house and to see if he left any of his sweatshirts behind.

2. You can’t even count the number of drunk texts that have come in. Whenever he picks up a bottle, he ends up picking up his phone to bother you.

3. He actually admits that he misses you.

4. Or he makes comments about his parents or his dog missing you. Really, it means that he’s missing you.

5. He keeps bringing up memories from the good old days, because he wants you to think about all of the nice things he’s done and forget about the bad.

6. Whenever he hooks up with a new girl, he tells you all about it. If he wants to make you jealous, then he obviously still cares about you.

7. He keeps showing up at the restaurant that he knows you go to with your friends every weekend. He’s clearly running into you on purpose.

8. Whenever you see each other, you can feel how strong the sexual tension is. There’s no mistaking it.

9. He keeps posting “vague” statues on Facebook that are clearly about you. Or about how depressed he is.

10. He touches you every chance that he gets. His hugs aren’t “friendly” hugs. He lingers just a little too long.

11. Whenever you mention another guy, he starts asking a million questions. He’s obviously not okay with you seeing someone else.

12. Whenever you post a super hot selfie on Instagram, he likes it. And then he messages you about it.

13. According to your friends, he keeps asking about you.

14. He keeps asking you how your parents are doing. And your cousins. And your job. And your spin class. He asks questions that even your best friends wouldn’t care to ask, because he hates that he’s not involved in your life anymore.

15. He still gives you that look. He doesn’t have to say a word for you to know he’s thinking about you naked.

16. Whenever he knows he’s going to see you, he dresses in his best shirt and those skinny jeans you love.

17. He continues to send you shirtless Snapchats and pictures of him in bed.

18. He gets nervous around you. His hands shake and he can’t look you in the eyes.

19. Sometimes, you forget that you’re broken up. He treats you exactly the same as he did when you were dating.

20. Every single time he sees you, he tells you how good you look. And you can tell he means it.

21. He mentions how, even though you two didn’t work out as a couple, you should give FWBs a try.

22. He keeps apologizing for everything that went wrong between the two of you. He wants to make things right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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