He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Does These 15 Things In The Bedroom

Twenty20, marybeth
Twenty20, marybeth

1. Makes you feel beautiful. I don’t care if your retainer is in and acne cream is spread across your face. If he’s your forever person, he’ll still make you feel pretty.

2. Soothes you after a nightmare. If you wake him up in the middle of the night with your whimpering, he shouldn’t be pissed about losing sleep. He should pull you closer and try to calm you down.

3. Cuddles with you. I don’t care if his arm falls asleep after being crushed by the weight of you. That’s the price you pay when you love someone.

4. Gets consent before doing anything new during sex. He shouldn’t be sticking a finger in your booty or putting his hands on your throat, unless it’s clear that you’re okay with it.

5. Gets consent before having sex. You’re his girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean he gets to do whatever he wants to you whenever the mood strikes. He still needs permission to touch you each night.

6. Deals with your snoring. Yes, it may be slightly annoying. Yes, he may tease you about it. But it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to him. If it is, then how are you going to peacefully share a bed for the rest of your lives?

7. Puts your needs first. I know he wants to stay up with you all night, but if you have work early the next morning, he should keep the noise to a minimum. If he’s going to read or watch television in bed, he should be keeping the sound low and the screen directed away from your face.

8. Wakes you up when you oversleep. If he’s the early bird in the house, then he should know what time you leave for work and should nudge you awake when you’re running late, no matter how cranky you are.

9. Makes you orgasm. It doesn’t matter if he’s using his hand, his tongue, or a toy. As long as you’re climaxing on a weekly (or daily) basis, that’s all that matters.

10. Helps you fall asleep. Maybe you need to rest on his chest to get comfortable. Maybe you need to hear him sing. Either way, if you need his help, he should give it to you.

11. Shares with you. His pajama pants should be your pajama pants. Your blanket should be his blanket.

12. Stays up all night talking to you. This can’t happen every night, but it should happen some nights. If he’s really you’re forever person, then you should have a million things to talk about. It should be hard to shut each other up.

13. Touches you. Not inappropriately. Sweetly. He should be rubbing your back and tracing your lips with his fingertips.

14. Abides by the rules. If you hate when he eats in bed, he shouldn’t leave crumbs all over the sheets. And if you don’t want the cat on the bed, he shouldn’t call the cat up onto the bed.

15. Picks up on your clues. If you whine about having a headache, he should know that means sex is off the table. And if you start kissing his neck, he should know that means sex is definitely on the table. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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