He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Does These 13 Things During Oral Sex

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. He makes you feel comfortable. You shouldn’t be self-conscious while he’s in between your legs. You shouldn’t be worried about the smell or the taste or how long he’s been down there. You should just be enjoying yourself.

2. He compliments you. He should think you’re sexy from any and every position, even when he can see the curve of your stomach and your double chin. He shouldn’t consider any area on your body a “flaw.” He should find it all beautiful.

3. He’s patient. He shouldn’t make you feel like crap if he’s been down there for ten whole minutes. He should understand that ladies take a while to climax. That you’re going to orgasm as soon as you possibly can. That the wait will be worth it.

4. He hits the right spots. Your forever person will actually pay attention to your signals. He’ll be able to tell when you’re enjoying something and when you absolutely hate the new move he used. That’s why he’ll seem so good at oral sex. It’s because he listens.

5. He actually enjoys it. Even if he’s not a big fan of the taste or the smell, he should be happy that he’s making you happy. Your orgasm should give him a major confidence boost. After all, if he’s your forever person, your emotions will usually be in sync.

6. He never pressures you into anything. You shouldn’t feel like you owe him after he makes you orgasm. If you want to return the favor, have fun–but you shouldn’t feel pressured to give him a BJ, just because he ate you out. Think of oral sex as a gift. You have the option to reciprocate it, but you aren’t obligated to.

7. He looks directly at you. If he’s your forever person, he shouldn’t be too shy to look you in the eyes. He should want to make eye contact to increase the intimacy. He should want to form that extra connection.

8. He never gets offended. If your body doesn’t cooperate one day and you can’t get yourself to orgasm, he won’t be mad at you. He won’t accuse you of finding him unattractive. He won’t make you feel crappy about something you can’t control.

9. He gives you all of his attention. He doesn’t glance at the television every five seconds. He doesn’t pause to check his phone. He doesn’t stop halfway through, because he’s bored. He gives you the attention your body needs. The attention you deserve.

10. He always gets consent. Whenever you tell him to stop or push his hand away, he stops. He would never do anything to hurt you.

11. He tries for multiple orgasms. On very special occassions, he doesn’t stop as soon as you orgasm. He tries to make you orgasm a second time. Imagine that!

12. He actually does eat you out. He shouldn’t make excuses. If you go down on him and let him stick his penis in you on the daily, then he shouldn’t complain about occasionally licking you. No matter what he says, the taste isn’t that bad. He can handle it.

13. He cuddles after you finish. He loves touching you–in every way possible. He loves playing with your pussy and he loves snuggling up to you. He just loves having his hands on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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