Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Halloween Costume

Twenty20, danilynayee
Twenty20, danilynayee

An Animal

If you’re a cat or a dog or anything else that involves drawing whiskers on your face and plopping ears on your head, then you’re a laid-back girl. You like looking cute, but you don’t like trying too hard. That’s why men are so drawn to you. You’re up for anything and don’t take hours to get ready to leave. You go with the flow.

A Princess

Honestly, Halloween isn’t the only day you feel like a princess. You like to be spoiled all year ’round. That’s why your standards are so high. You won’t settle for a man that gives you anything less than you deserve. So when you finally find someone worth your time, you’ll treat him like royalty–as long as he returns the favor.

A Movie Character

You’re the girlfriend that would buy a six-pack and then spend to plan the entire weekend inside, because lounging on the couch and watching Netflix is your favorite type of date. You don’t need anything fancy in order to be happy. You just need a television screen and a cuddle buddy.

A Vintage Costume

If you’re dressing up like you’re from the 30s, 50s, or 80s, then you appreciate old-timey dates. Instead of heading to the movie theater, you prefer going to the roller rink and stopping at a burger joint to split a milkshake on the way home. But no matter where you go, you act like a lady and expect your boyfriend to behave like a gentleman.

A Funny Costume

If you’re dressing up like a hotdog or Hillary Clinton, then you’re the type of girlfriend that can always get a laugh. Even if your boyfriend is on the verge of tears, you’re able to turn his mood around. Why? Because you’re so much fun to be around. Everybody knows it.

A Sexy Costume

If you’re dressing up as a sexy nurse, cop, or a french maid, then you aim to please. Basically, when your boyfriend is happy, you’re happy. That’s why he loves you so much. You’ll do whatever it takes to put a smile on his face. You always put in effort, and it’s definitely appreciated.

A Scary Costume

More than once, people have referred to you as “one of the guys.” But that’s why your boyfriend is so crazy about you. He can be himself around you. He doesn’t have to hold back. He can swear and burp and tell you over-sexualized jokes, because he knows that you’ll only love him more for it.

A Handmade Costume

Clearly, you’re creative. You’re the type of girlfriend that brings over homemade cupcakes to munch on, and photographs so you can work on a scrapbook together. Your boyfriend is never bored when you’re around, because you’re always coming up with a fun new activity to try.

A Meme

If you dress up like Spongegar or some other ridiculous meme, then you’re a total weirdo–but in a good way. You’re the type to tell crappy puns and laugh at your own jokes. But people love being around you, because you change the energy in the room. You always make others laugh, even if it’s just sarcastically. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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