50 Turn-Offs That Will Instantly Make Him Lose Interest In You

Twenty20, Boris79
Twenty20, Boris79

1. Criticizing another girl for what she’s wearing or how much make-up she has on.

2. Complaining about the waiter, the taste of your food, and the price of the menu items.

3. Acting desperate. Men want strong, independent women.

4. Expecting him to pay.

5. Leaving the house with unwashed hair and dirty clothes.

6. Fishing for compliments.

7. Getting completely wasted every time you see each other.

8. Putting yourself down by referring to yourself as ugly and stupid.

9. Staring at your phone while he’s talking.

10. Reapplying your makeup after every bite of food you eat.

11. Pretending to like his favorite show, even though you’ve never seen it before.

12. Snapchatting the entire time that you’re out together.

13. Showing up to a date late without even giving an apology.

14. Flirting with other men in front of him.

15. Cutting him off in the middle of a sentence.

16. Bragging about your ex.

17. Cancelling plans with him at the last second.

18. Leading him on.

19. Forgetting to thank him after he holds the door open for you or buys you dinner.

20. Lying.

21. Freaking out when you spill a tiny bit of food on your outfit.

22. Giving him one word answers.

23. Smoking.

24. Expecting him to do all of the work in the bedroom.

25. Acting like you’re way out of his league and he should be lucky he even gets to talk to you.

26. Ordering a salad instead of getting what you actually want.

27. Taking hours to respond to his texts.

28. Judging him based on the car he drives or the job he has.

29. Wearing so much perfume that he can’t breathe.

30. Having dry, chapped lips.

31. Asking him how much money he makes. 

32. Constantly changing your mind. 

33. Acting like a little girl instead of a grown woman. 

34. Trying to change the way he looks or acts. 

35. Having sex with him when it’s not what you really want. 

36. Agreeing with every single thing that he says. 

37. Having bad breath. 

38. Starting pointless arguments over every little thing. 

39. Acting overly jealous. 

40. Wearing granny panties. 

41. Talking nonstop without giving him a chance to add to the conversation.

42. Giving him ultimatums. 

43. Getting pissed when he takes a little too long to text back.

44. Being a bad kisser. 

45. Sending texts with typos. 

46. Drifting off while he’s speaking.

47. Constantly posting about the relationship on Facebook. 

48. Being mean to animals. 

49. Being racist, homophobic, or sexist. 

50. Treating him like crap. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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