33 Shitty Things You Should Never Do To A Woman You Actually Care About

Unsplash, Toa Heftiba
Unsplash, Toa Heftiba

1. Flirt with her for weeks, or even months, and then completely drop out of her life without giving her a reason why.

2. Text her nonstop, but come up with shitty excuses to bail on her whenever she asks you to hang out in person.

3. Ask her to be friends with benefits when you know that she has strong feelings for you and will blindly agree to anything you say.

4. Kiss her, or even fuck her, and then tell her that they’re not ready for a relationship.

5. Make her question her own sanity by sending her a shitload of mixed signals.

6. Pressure her into having sex with you by making her feel guilty or like she owes you something, when really, she doesn’t owe you a single thing.

7. Cheat on her instead of doing the classy thing and breaking up with her before fucking somebody else.

8. Get her excited by sending the first text, and then ignore her as soon as she responds.

9. Purposely get her blackout drunk, because you think that it’ll raise your chances of getting to sleep with her.

10. Make her feel like shit for developing feelings for you, even though you led her on for months.

11. Cancel plans with her at the last second, even though she already showered, shaved, and did her makeup for you.

12. Say the one thing that you know will shatter her heart, because you like having that sort of power over her.

13. Swear that you’ll never do anything to hurt her, and then do everything to hurt her.

14. Flirt with her and leave out the fact that you already have a girlfriend.

15. Call her a bitch or a slut when you’re angry at her.

16. Flirt with other women in a strange attempt to make her jealous.

17. Have unprotected sex with her, even though you’ve been sleeping around and probably have a STD that you don’t know about.

18. Ask her to get dinner with you, but make it unclear if it’s a date or if you’re just hanging out as friends.

19. Ask her for nudes, save them, and show them to everyone you know.

20. Have sex with her without even trying to make her orgasm.

21. Stalk her, insult her, or send her death threats, just because she turned you down and you don’t know how to handle it like a gentleman.

22. Stare at your phone the entire time that you’re with her.

23. Make her feel like she’s not as pretty as your ex.

24. Accuse her of being on her period whenever she feels comfortable enough to express her emotions around you.

25. Comment on her weight or how much she’s putting on her plate.

26. Leave her for someone close to her, like her sister or her best friend.

27. Treat her like an object you keep around to fuck instead of an actual human being.

28. Ditch her for your friends.

29. Attempt to control how much body hair she waxes and which clothing she wears.

30. Refuse to tell her whom you’re with or where you’re going, even though you’re supposedly in a serious relationship with her.

31. Curse her out whenever you get the slightest bit upset.

32. Make her wonder if you’re worth the effort.

33. Break her heart out of nowhere. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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