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30 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Terrorize You

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Unsplash, Hailey Kean
Unsplash, Hailey Kean

1. Last night, I had a nightmare that I’d lost both my legs in a gruesome car accident. Then I realized it was only a memory.

2. I used to be considered the evil twin. But now I’m considered an only child.

3. Everyone complimented my disfigured mask last Halloween, full of hairy puss and scars. But they didn’t know, when I went home, there was nothing to remove.

4. All I could do was stare as I watched my father wrap his hands around my mother’s neck. But he was already dead, and soon, she would be, too.

5. From afar, the doll looked just like her. From close up, she could see it was made out of her lost teeth and dead skin. 

6. I couldn’t wait any longer to be a mother. So I grabbed a knife to rip the baby from my stomach.

7. I work in a strip club. And I hate to admit it, but I hear more screams than moans.

8. I swear I heard my daughter whisper my name. But, the thing is, I’m still pregnant.

9. I fell asleep in my pajamas. But I woke up in a suit, with a closed casket surrounding me.

10. I like living alone. Because, when I hear a faint singing or feel a hand on my thigh, I know it’s one of them.

11. I kissed her, but she wouldn’t kiss me back. She was already decomposing.

12. My car thumped over something in the road. And the windshield wipers couldn’t clear the blood away.

13. I don’t know where the hell my husband is. I can’t remember where I buried him.

14. I stopped going to church, because God never answers me. But the Devil speaks to me every night.

15. I went camping with my three best friends. But by the time we left, we were nothing but a murderer, a witness, and a dead body.

16. I didn’t mind it when the rain began to fall. Until it hit my skin and burned.

17. I asked the hot guy in my class why he was staring at me. He said that he was actually staring at the demon that always hovers behind me.

18. My cat never goes near my closet. The one day she did, she never came back out.

19. I felt my husband’s hand squeeze mine. But then I remembered, he was dead and I was in my apartment alone.

20. I tried to check my makeup in the mirror. But my reflection was missing.

21. I scrubbed her blood off of my suit until there was no trace of DNA left. But I needed something to remember the night by, so I kept a handful of her hair.

22. When I checked his browser history, I found the search: “How to poison my wife.” So I threw down the water bottle he’d just handed me.

23. I think I’m dead. But the other spirits keep telling me I’m alive.

24. I’ve been talking to my mother for hours. But I don’t think she can hear me through the six feet of dirt.

25. I never meant to make my ex cry. I only meant to make him bleed.

26. My throat is raw from screaming for help. But no one can hear me now that I’m in heaven.

27. I didn’t run when I saw him. So he didn’t make me suffer when he stabbed me.

28. I reached under the bed to find my missing sock. But I felt another hand, instead.

29. I texted a stranger by accident. But when they texted me back, they used my full name.

30. I felt the barrel against my head, for only a second, before the burglar did the worst possible thing. He didn’t pull the trigger. TC mark

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