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28 Internet Addicts Reveal The Most Disturbing Thing They’ve Accidentally Found Online

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Be careful when you surf the web. Just like these users on Ask Reddit, you might stumble across something disturbing that you’ll never be able to erase from your mind.
Unsplash, Jay Wennington
Unsplash, Jay Wennington

1. Photographs of a woman’s corpse

“When I was younger I would frequent and and just go through and see the darker side of the world. Yes, everything on those sites was fucked up but the worst was a album on titled ‘Dead Blonde.’ The first picture showed a naked corpse on a table as if she were about to be embalmed. Her skin was green and her hair was yellow. Bright colors for a dead lady. Anyway, I went to the the next picture, and it was taken at an angle where it looked like she was looking at the camera. It was so fucking scary to see these dead eyes staring into my soul. I couldn’t sleep for a few days after that.” — YouCanCallMeQueenB

2. A man getting beheaded

“I once stumbled across a video of a guy tied down getting his head cut off on /r/gore. The guy was praying while it was happening and the sound of his throat was horrifying. The mental image of the man who beheaded the guy holding his severed head by its hair still haunts me to this day. I have no idea why I watched that video to the end.” — SneakGeekXII

3. Hacked webcams that no one knew about

“I was on Reddit sometime last fall/winter and I stumbled upon a link to a website that was a map of the world with click-able areas. When cities were clicked on, it opened up a window displaying somebody’s webcam… only it didn’t appear they were aware of it. I clicked on a few to see what it was all about and there were just people watching tv with their webcam broadcasting their living room activities over the internet. One was a baby sleeping in a crib. Most were empty rooms. It was super creepy. I tried looking for the post to link it, but I didn’t find it immediately and I don’t really feel like searching for it.” — disastermarch35

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