25 Ladies Reveal The Single Scariest Thing Their Boyfriend Ever Did To Them

If you notice any red flags early on in the relationship, break up with him ASAP. You don’t want to go through what these Ask Reddit users had to go through.

16. He asked me to murder him

“When I was in high school an ex-boyfriend guilted me into not breaking up with him by telling me he would kill himself if I did, and it would be my fault. Like a sucker, I relented and didn’t go through with it. Every few days I’d try again, all the while getting progressively meaner because frankly I didn’t want to listen to him talk about how the only thing keeping him alive was my love.

At one point, after we’d spent the night fighting over why he couldn’t just let me break up with him, he brought me a knife and asked me to stab him, and told me that all this talk of breaking up was going to kill him anyway, so I might as well get to enjoy it first-hand.

Eventually he dumped me, and then acted like it was his idea the whole time. Glad to say he outgrew the creepy and apologized a few years later, but man, at the time it was a total nightmare.”  — NotAnotherWhatever

17. He paid me to keep dating him

“I was dating a guy in high school. At some point during our relationship, I left that school and lost contact with quite a few friends. A few months later he started getting quite abusive so I left him. He tried to buy me back. Offered me about $600 to keep dating him. I refused. He turned up at my house with a ring. Again, I refused. That was pretty much the end of it.

I regained contact with my friends a few years later on MySpace when that was the new “in thing” and they kind of freaked out. Turns out he told everyone we had become engaged and I was 8 weeks pregnant when I died in a car accident. The school held a little memorial for me and everything.” — ahalfdozen6

18. He lied about being abused

“Not a girl, but I had a boyfriend who convinced me that he was severely abused by a man his mom was friends with. He wrote out probably over a 5 page description of the abuse involving every single detail about it. He would then act out and emotionally put me down and claim it was the PTSD. There were sometimes where it nearly got physical, but he would apologize and talk about wanting to start a family with me etc. Before we broke up he admitted there was a great possibility that there was no abuse and that it was all a fabricated tale. He also told me he jerked off to gore and that his main kink was cannibalism.” — Rotten-pizza

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