25 Ladies Reveal The Single Scariest Thing Their Boyfriend Ever Did To Them

If you notice any red flags early on in the relationship, break up with him ASAP. You don’t want to go through what these Ask Reddit users had to go through.

4. He tried to break into my house

  • “Invite his friends over to my house while I wasn’t there, calling it “our bedroom” (I was still living with parents, in high school).
  • Taking condoms out of the trash and showing them off to his friends.
  • Would frantically search for the keys everywhere when my parents hid the house keys.
  • Would try to break into my house, or my friends houses if he thought someone was in there.
  • After he would go home, he would come back 5 miles on foot.
  • Tried applying to every single college that I got a mail brochure for (he went through my mail).
  • Told all of my friends that we were engaged and expecting.
  • Told his mother that I was a lesbian and was working on changing me.
  • Bought camo baby clothes, because we might need them soon.
  • Would frequently poke holes in the condoms he bought.
  • If bought them, he would try to slip them off mid way through.
  • Wrote my first name with his last name on his wrist.
  • Would say he would fight my best friend for looking at me.
  • Would often take pictures of me when I was taking a nap.He managed to jam this much creepy and crazy into 4 months, at the time actually impregnating another girl. I honestly don’t know how he had the time with how busy he was with me.” — nic131

5. He wanted to fuck my corpse

“It has to be the time I was giving him a blowjob and all of a sudden he just went, ‘If you somehow ended up dead during sex, would you mind if I’d continue?'”  — concertwhore

6. He left bloody messages for me

“He left me messages in his own blood on the bathroom mirror after we broke up. We lived with about 5 other people.” — noortown

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