22 Halloween Themed Date Ideas For Fearless Couples


1. Play a drinking game. Every time a kid comes to the door dressed as Elsa, take a shot. If they’re dressed as Harley Quinn, take two shots.

2. Create a haunted gingerbread house. Instead of putting candy snowmen outside, put a decapitated head on the front lawn.

3. Walk through a haunted corn maze (which is much scarier than a haunted house). It’s hard to run when you’re on a narrow path with monsters popping out in front of you.

4. Roleplay in the bedroom. You already have a sexy cop costume on, so you might as well grab your prop handcuffs and tie your partner’s wrists together. Fall is the perfect time to spice things up.

5. Take a ghost tour. Instead of walking through a haunted house, visit a location that’s actually haunted.

6. Do each other’s makeup. You can have a contest to see who can create the scariest monster face. And don’t forget to take pictures once you’re finished.

7. Throw a murder mystery dinner party. You and your partner can come up with different character names and backstories, send texts to your friends to let them know which character they are, and then wait for everybody to show up.

8. Make a spooky dessert. Cookies that look like spiders. Cupcakes that look like skulls. Brownies that look like gravestones. You get the picture.

9. Visit a psychic. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s a legit practice or a total scam. Either way, it’ll be fun to get your readings done together.

10. Make your own candy-flavored drinks. After all, you’re going to have plenty of Skittles and Sour Patch Kids lying around. You might as well incorporate them into your tequila shots.

11. Have a picnic at a cemetery. If you get lucky, you’ll see some ghosts.

12. Hold a photoshoot in your costumes. You know you want to post pics on Instagram, so take as many as you can. Pretend you’re two models at a shoot.

13. Tell ghost stories around a campfire or in your darkened bedroom. Make each other scream–and then moan.

14. Visit an amusement park. Places like Six Flags put up haunted attractions for the entire month of October. The drive there will be worth it.

15. Go out to get that pumpkin spice latte you’ve been dying to drink. Or at least buy a pumpkin bagel.

16. Head to Party City to buy decorations you can put up around the house. If you don’t have any cash, then point out which props you’d like to have in the future house you two are going to share.

17. Carve pumpkins, but do it as a team. If you make a dog pumpkin, he should make a cat pumpkin. If you make a Groot pumpkin, he should make a Rocket pumpkin.

18. Listen to spooky music. Or at least dance around to The Monster Mash.

19. Create your own couples costumes instead of running to the store to buy pre-made costumes. See what you can create from your own wardrobe.

20. Film your own horror movie on your phone’s camera. Either that or create a private porno while wearing your costumes.

21. Have a horror movie marathon. Even better, just watch Hocus Pocus over and over again on a loop.

22. Throw a costume party. Invite all of your friends and get wasted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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