17 Thirsty Men Talk About The Sexiest Nudes They Were Ever Sent

Twenty20, _eatandlove_
Twenty20, _eatandlove_

1. “She had on this lacy red lingerie and she sent five photos, all from different angles, so I got a view of her ass and tits and everything in between. I still masturbate to those pics.” — Ray, 25

2. “She was wearing a thin shirt that I could see her nipples through. She told me she wanted me to come over and suck on them.” — Keith, 23

3. “She took a picture in the bathtub. Nothing inappropriate was in it. Just her legs. But imagining the rest of her body made me hard as a motherfucker.” — Vick, 20

4. “I don’t know if this counts, because all of her clothes were on, but she Snapchatted me with a shitton of cleavage and a caption that said how horny she was. Instant hard-on.” — Zachary, 24 

5. “She sent me a photo of her standing, completely naked, in front of a full-length mirror in a changing room at the mall. It was sexy, because she was kind’ve sort’ve in public, but was still thinking of me. I liked that.” — Nate, 22

6. “She took a picture of herself with her legs wide open. Her underwear was still on, but she had one hand over her clit, like she was touching herself. And, according to the text she sent, she was.” — Derek, 28

7. “She sent a picture, from the waist down, while she was wearing a tiny black thong and matching heels. Her ass looked un-fucking-believable.” — Dustin, 26

8. “The photograph was only of her legs, but it showed this tiny tattoo on her thigh that I’ve never seen before. It was sexy to get a look at it. Felt like a naughty little secret.” — Charlie, 19

9. “We’d been dating for a few months and I’d left an extra shirt at her house. A button-down. So she took a picture of herself wearing it with almost all of those buttons undone. Still my favorite picture of her.” — Jared, 22

10. “She was on her bed. On her hands and knees. And the camera gave me the perfect view of her cleavage. Got to see right down her nightgown.” — Patrick, 24

11. “She sent me a picture while wearing a ballgag.” — Tyler, 29

12. “I never got any nudes, but we were Skyping once when she took her shirt off. And then started touching herself. So I started touching myself. Best orgasm ever.” — Robbie, 25

13. “She came to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. During dinner, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. Few minutes go by and my phone dings. She sent a picture of her naked in front of the bathroom mirror. I had to sneak away to fuck the shit out of her.” — Joshua, 27

14. “She just got out of the shower. Had a towel wrapped around her. Except the towel was tied at the waist, so I got to see her boobs, all slick and sexy.” — Ryan, 22

15. “Honestly, I can’t remember what she was wearing. Something leather. But she was holding a whip. The whip is what I remember… We had fun using that thing.” — Dave, 30

16. “She sent me a picture from her bedroom. She was on her side so her boobs were pressed up together and looked crazy hot.” — Kyle, 21

17. “She did like one of those tasteful photos you see in magazines. Where her boobs are showing, except for the nipples. She was covering them with her arm. Looked gorgeous. Better than any model I’ve ever seen.” — Ronnie, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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