17 Signs You’re The Type Of Woman That Men Find Sexy AF

Twenty20, LariStreule
Twenty20, LariStreule

1. You have high standards. You aren’t going to settle for the first man that asks to buy you a drink. You’re holding out for that special someone.

2. You’re playful. You don’t flirt by shoving your cleavage in his face. You flirt by teasing him.

3. You’re independent. If he’s busy one weekend, you won’t mind, because you have your own life. You have plenty of other friends to catch up with and hobbies to pursue.

4. You’re confident, because you know you’re a catch. If some random guy thinks you’re anything less than a 10, then his vision is screwy.

5. You’re passionate. And it doesn’t really matter what you’re passionate about. Knitting. A baseball game. The Sherlock fandom. As long as you talk to him about something you love, it’ll turn him on.

6. You’re friendly. No guy wants to date the bitchy girl that can’t get along with the people that matter the most to him. He wants someone that makes an effort to get along with everyone.

7. You’re low-maintenance. If he takes you out camping with his friends and hands you a beer, he doesn’t want you to complain about how cheap it is and how the mosquitos won’t leave you alone. He wants you to have fun.

8. You love to laugh. If you’re a serious businesswoman from 9-5, that’s great. But when he’s with you, he wants you to let loose.

9. You’re honest. You don’t tell him you’re fine when you’re not. You just admit why you’re pissed at him.

10. You have a high sex drive. Even though sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, he’ll be thrilled if you get horny as often as he does.

11. You’re a total sweetheart. If you thought men didn’t care about romance, you thought wrong. Once he’s dating you, he’ll be happy to come home to a freshly cooked meal or a brand new game.

12. You’re spontaneous. If you follow the same routine week by week, things will get boring fast. But if you unexpectedly take him to a new restaurant or use a new move in bed, it’ll shake things up.

13. You care about your appearance. You don’t always step out of the house in a skintight dress with a face full of makeup. But you wear flattering clothing and keep your hair washed.

14. You have close friends (or are close with your family). If you’ve been besties with someone for five or ten years, it proves you’re reliable.

15. You have big goals. You aren’t going to settle for a mundane life. You have dreams and you’re in the process of going after them.

16. You’re smart and you aren’t afraid to show it. No, you’re not an art snob that brags every chance she gets. But you won’t dumb yourself down to look “cute” either. You’re unapologetically intelligent.

17. You’re happy being single. You don’t actually need him–or any man, for that matter. If you’re going to date him, it’s because you want to. It has nothing to do with wanting to get married by a certain age or looking good on Instagram. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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