15 Things That A Woman Will Only Do If She REALLY Likes You

Twenty20, missallieliz
Twenty20, missallieliz

1. Text you multiple times in a row. Even though she knows it might make her look clingy or desperate, she doesn’t care, because she wants to talk to you that badly.

2. Tease you. Weirdly, if she likes you, she won’t have a problem joking around about the new haircut you thought was a good idea. But if she doesn’t like you, she’ll be nice to you 24/7.

3. Leave flirty comments on your social media. Telling you how cute you look over Instagram is like walking up to you while you’re with a group of friends and kissing you. Everyone sees that she’s flirting.

4. Reveal her deepest secrets. If she trusts you with that kind of information, it means she’s serious about keeping you in her life–for a long time.

5. Stay up all night to text you. If she falls asleep mid-conversation, it’s actually a good sign. It means she didn’t want to say goodbye.

6. Know everything that’s going on in your life. She only knows, because you posted it on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Twitter. Or Snapchat. And she checks all of those accounts on the daily.

7. Make you food. Unless it’s your birthday and you two are close friends, then giving you a tray of brownies she casually made is a big deal, because it wasn’t casual at all. It was a calculated move.

8. Let her jealousy show. If you talk about another girl and she starts asking a million questions, and you can tell those questions aren’t because she cares about your well-being, then she likes you. She wants to know that this other girl isn’t a threat.

9. Dress up every single time she sees you. If you run into her on accident and she’s wearing sweatpants, but whenever you make plans to see her, she wears the tightest dresses she can find, she’s trying to impress you.

10. Admit that she has feelings for you. Women hate putting their feelings on the line, so if she’s spilling her heart out to you, believe her.

11. Go out of her way for you. If she knows you like mint chocolate chip, she’ll randomly get ice cream for you. And if you ask her to drop something off at your house, even though she’s hungover, she’ll still do it. She’ll do anything to make you smile.

12. Hardcore flirt with you. Sometimes, flirting doesn’t mean a thing. But if she’s going the extra mile by being touchy feely and telling you how horny she is, she has a serious crush on you. She isn’t playing around.

13. Watch your favorite TV show. If you mention you like The Walking Dead, and she catches up on six seasons ASAP, just to talk to you about it, then she has strong feelings for you.

14. Kiss you. If she leans in (or flicks her eyes down to your lips, practically begging for a kiss) then she wants a kiss. It’s as simple as that.

15. Let you treat her like crap. Unfortunately, if she likes you, then she’ll let you get away with a lot more than you should. But that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of the fact. Give her the love that she doesn’t realize she deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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