15 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Heartbroken


1. Staying up late. You don’t want to get into your empty bed and be bombarded with memories of him. You’d rather stay up until the sun rises.

2. Posting on social media way more than you should. Maybe it’s because you’re bored, because of all of the free time you have now that you’re single. Or maybe you just want “likes” so you can feel good about yourself again.

3. Complaining about what an ass your ex was. You’re trying to overcompensate for how much you miss him by acting like you hate his guts. If you can trick your friends into believing you can’t stand the douche, then maybe you can trick yourself into believing the same thing.

4. Drinking more often than usual. It’s nothing crazy. Just a glass of wine here and a margarita there. Most people don’t even realize you’re doing it.

5. Sleeping late. Everyone will call you lazy, but really, you just don’t have a good enough reason to start your day. It feels pointless.

6. Becoming obsessed with a TV couple. Nick and Jess are just so perfect on New Girl. It’s easier to take your mind off of your own relationship problems when you can focus on their problems instead.

7. Working longer hours. You want to keep your mind occupied with productive thoughts. Instead of focusing on finding a new boyfriend, you figure it’s healthier to focus on climbing the career ladder.

8. Drifting off while someone else is talking. You were trying not to think of him, but then you saw something that reminded you of him. That one little thing brought back painful memories, ruining your entire night.

9. Turning down invites out with your non-single friends. You’re just not in the mood to listen to them talk about their boyfriends. Even if they’re complaining about how horrible those boyfriends are, you don’t want to hear it. 

10. Listening to the same song on repeat. No one around you understands what you’re going through. But Taylor Swift? She understands perfectly.

11. Hitting the gym. But you aren’t trying to hit on the hotties lifting weights. And you aren’t trying to make your ex jealous by looking extra hot. You just want something to focus on, other than him.

12. Texting all the damn time. You used to text him 24/7, but now that you can’t, you’ve started texting friends you haven’t heard from in years. You just want some company.

13. Spending more money than you should. One day, you’ll buy a new lipstick. The next day, you’ll buy a new blouse. Little by little, you’ll end up with a whole new wardrobe.

14. Going home early. When you’re heartbroken, it takes a lot of energy to leave the house. Sometimes, you can’t last more than a few hours with your friends. You just need to be alone again.

15. Getting pissed at “nothing.” You want to forget about him. You don’t want to want him. But you do. And sometimes, the thought of living without him is too much to handle. It causes you to snap. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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