15 Reasons Why Finding Love Is Hardest When You Low-Key Hate Yourself

Twenty20, micki
Twenty20, micki

1. You can’t imagine anyone liking you. Even if someone makes it clear they’re interested, you’re still skeptical. Maybe they’re trying to get you into bed. Maybe they’re a serial murderer. You’ll believe they’re a paid actor before you believe they have genuine feelings for you.

2. You take everything personally. If someone ghosts you, you think it’s your fault. If someone ignores you, you think it’s your fault. You’re always taking the blame for someone else’s shitty actions.

3. You overanalyze everything. If a date went well, you’ll replay every moment in your head until you decide that it actually didn’t go well. It went terribly. You made a fool of yourself.

4. You don’t think highly of yourself. You don’t think you’re ugly, but you don’t think you’re pretty either. That’s why you hesitate to flirt. You’re 99% sure you’re going to get rejected, so there’s no use in trying.

5. You get defeated easily. It doesn’t matter if you really hit it off with someone. If you see them post a picture with someone prettier than you on Instagram, you instantly give up hope. You assume they like that person more than they could ever like you.

6. You feel like you can’t be yourself. You can’t imagine attracting someone by letting them see how anxious and depressed you are all the time, so you pretend you’re fine. You pretend you’re happy. You pretend to be someone else.

7. You can’t let go of your past. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since your ex screwed you over. You still think about it all the time. And you’re worried that there will be a repeat in history.

8. You’re always worried about something. If someone sexy walks by, you might not even see them, because you’re too busy worrying about something ridiculous. The way your shirt looks, the way the bus driver glared at you… There’s always something.

9. Texting stresses you out. If someone takes a little too long to text back, you’ll assume you said something wrong and they’re pissed at you. And you rarely text first, because you assume that other people don’t really want to hear from you. It’s why you’re always losing touch with people.

10. You go after the wrong people. You’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself. You’re going after unavailable, unlovable people, because you don’t think you deserve any better than that.

11. You sell yourself short. Instead of bragging about the painting you created or the new or promotion you received, you waste your time complaining during dates. You’re way too modest. You don’t let others see that you’re a catch.

12. You psyche yourself out. Instead of going out with your crush like you promised you would, you cancel plans, because you’re worried about what might go wrong. You don’t even give love a chance.

13. You have trouble accepting compliments. If someone tells you how beautiful you are, you shake your head instead of flirting back. Not the best move.

14. Your self-deprecating jokes are too dark. Not everyone can handle hearing you talk about wanting to die, because they can’t tell if you’re joking. But to be fair, you’re only half-joking.

15. You honestly think you’ll never find love. And that negative mindset will be the death of you. If you keep thinking you’ll be alone forever, you will be alone forever. You need to learn to love yourself. You need to realize that you’re worth the effort and that you deserve unlimited love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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