13 Things That Aren’t Actually Supposed To Happen The Longer You’re Together

Twenty20, insightwetrust
Twenty20, insightwetrust

1. The romance fades. Date night should still be a thing, even if there’s already a ring on your finger. You two aren’t that busy or that lazy. You can go out to eat every Friday. See a movie. Go bowling. Do something to prove you’re still willing to put in effort to make each other happy.

2. You complain about being in a relationshipYou shouldn’t be whining about how they took away your freedom and how you wish you were single again. You should be thankful that you’ve found the love of your life. If you’re not, then do them a favor and leave them.

3. You check out other people. Neither of you get a free “unfaithful pass,” because you’ve managed to sleep with the same person for years and years. The promise you made to each other still stands. So keep your genitals tucked away or break up. Those are your only options.

4. Your fights get nastier. Don’t bring up what a bitch their mother is and how badly they suck in bed, because you think you can say anything you want to them and they’ll stick around. Treat them the way they deserve. They’re not your punching bag.

5. You get bored of each other. Sure, some days you’ll want to left alone. Some days you’ll want nothing to do with them. But if you’re meant to be, you’ll still get excited over little things. You’ll still feel a flutter whenever you kiss.

6. The sex gets stale. There’s always something new to try in bed. New positions. New toys. New locations. New lingerie. You can always make sex exciting again, even after you feel like you’ve lost that special spark.

7. You stop caring about your appearance. It’s great that you can wear old sweatshirts and your gym shorts around them, but once in a while, you should dress up. Show off your assets. Don’t ‘give up,’ just because you’re in a relationship.

8. You forget to say, “I love you.” I know they know it. But you need to keep saying it. Those words matter.

9. You stop talking. Tell them about work. Tell them about the movie you saw with your friends. Don’t watch television while you eat instead of having a real conversation with them. Communication is important.

10. You take each other for granted. I know you’re used to having them around, but they could walk out that door any day. They aren’t obligated to stay with you, so don’t take their love (and all of the cooking and cleaning they do) for granted.

11. You forget important dates. Birthdays and anniversaries should still be a big deal, even if you’ve known each other for decades. Pay attention. Be a good partner.

12. You stop trying new things. You two have been through a lot, but there are still new places to go. Beaches to fly to. Museums to walk through. Never stop experiencing new things together.

13. You stop putting in effort. You put in effort to get them, but guess what? You need to put in effort to keep them, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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