10 Things That Happen When You Grow Up Close With Your Grandmother

1. You’re spoiled AF.

Whenever you visit your grandmother, she has another treat for you. Maybe it’s a tray of brownies. Maybe it’s a new tee-shirt. Maybe it’s five bucks that she orders you to stick in your pocket before your parents notice. No matter what, she always finds a way to spoil you.

2. You talk about everything.

When your friends complain about how awkward it is to talk to their grandparents about their dating life, you can’t relate. You talk to your grandmother about everything. You even swap sexual jokes. After all, she’s more like a friend than a family member. You’re comfortable talking to her about everything.

3. You learn valuable life skills.

She’s from the generation of strict gender roles, which means she knows how to do everything around the house. She’s either taught you how to cook, how to sew, or how to garden. Even though she’s willing to whip up dinner for you whenever you want it, she’s still taught you how to survive on your own in case she’s not around.

4. You feel needed.

When she first got a cell phone, you were the one to teach her how to text. And whenever she needs something printed, you’re the one she calls up. She thinks you’re a technological genius, even though you’re just meh. But all of her exaggerated compliments make you feel pretty damn good about yourself.

5. You aren’t scared of growing up.

You don’t have to be miserable in your 80s. Your grandmother has proven that. If you end up half as cool as her, then you’ll be happy when you reach her age.

6. You love songs your friends have never heard of.

You know all of Johnny Cash’s songs, because you’ve heard them on a loop since you were born. At first, you were annoyed by them, but now you actually listen to them in your free time. You also know how to work a record player and honestly, you can understand the argument that music sounds better on vinyl than on an iPod.

7. You know exactly where you came from.

You don’t have to question where you came from, because your grandmother loves telling stories about the history of the family. Of course, sometimes she goes into too much detail and you end up learning family secrets that you never wanted to be burdened with.

8. You have strong family values.

In your eyes, your grandmother is the most important person in the world. She’s singlehandedly made you realize why family is meant to be cherished. You can’t imagine living life without her.

9. You know you’re never alone.

If you get into a fight with your parents, your grandmother will be there. If you fail a class, she’ll be there. Even if you end up in jail, she’ll still be there. There isn’t anything in the world that could pull her away from you.

10. You’re destroyed after she’s gone.

After she passes, you’ll take it harder than anyone. She was more than just a grandmother to you. She was your best friend. You’ll never stop missing her, but she’ll always be in your heart. She’ll always love you as much as you love her. Always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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