What It’s Like To Sleep With Someone You’re Wildly In Love With

Troy Freyee
Troy Freyee

The awkward moments are the best moments.

During a one-night stand, you’d want to run into a corner if you burped or bumped teeth during a kiss. But when weird things happen with the love of your life, it’s pure entertainment. Those silly little moments help you relax. Besides, there’s no bigger turn-on than seeing a genuine smile on your partner’s face as they laugh alongside you. When you’re a couple, imperfect moments are pretty damn perfect.

You’re happiest when you make them happy.

You don’t go down on him, because you feel like you’re required to do so. You go down on him, because you love the way he curses under his breath and clenches his fist when your tongue runs over the right spot. Giving him an orgasm isn’t a chore or some type of power play. You genuinly enjoy getting him off and he feels the same way about getting you off.

There’s a lot less pressure.

You know he loves you for more than your hot bod, so it doesn’t matter if you missed a spot shaving or have onion breath from the burrito you just ate. Even if your body isn’t looking its best, he’s still going to think you’re the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. He’s still going to enjoy fucking you. There’s absolutely no reason to be self-conscious when you’re sleeping with the one you love, because to him, you’re flawless.

The connection is stronger.

Meaningless sex can be fun. It can be rough and raw and orgasmic. But when you’re with the love of your life, you experience a whole new level of intimacy. You’re not just letting your partner into a hole in your body. You’re letting them into your life. You’re letting them see you in your most vulnerable state. It’s hard to understand how significant fucking can feel until you do it with your forever person.

There’s less to stress about.

How long are they going to stay? Are they too drunk to drive? Do they have enough money for an Uber? None of that matters anymore, because you already know they’re going to stay the night, and you know they’re going to snuggle with you the entire time. And in the morning, you won’t have to come up with an excuse to kick them out. You can eat breakfast together, shower together, and enjoy another fun day together.

The orgasms are better.

It doesn’t matter how skilled the stranger you took home is. He doesn’t know much about your body, because he’s touching it for the very first time. But when you’re with the love of your life, the person who has grazed every inch of your skin with their lips and fingertips, it’ll be so much easier for you to get off. He’ll know exactly what to do to, which means there will be a lot less fumbling around and a lot more orgasming.

You don’t have to have sex.

Even if you bought new lingerie you want to show off, it doesn’t matter if you two get tired early and drift off before you can get frisky. You can always model it for him the next day. He’s not going anywhere, so there’s no rush. You have the rest of your lives to fuck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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