Read This If A Certain Song Saved Your Life

Averie Woodard
Averie Woodard

Music is more than some well-crafted words strung together with instruments playing in the background. There’s magic hidden inside that you can’t understand, unless a certain song has saved your life.

It’s funny how some band, an assortment of people that you’ve never even met before, can put the emotions you’ve been feeling into words that you couldn’t have formed yourself. They don’t know you or the situation you’re going through, and yet, they found a way to explain it perfectly. They found a way to connect with you, even though your friends and family have been struggling to do the same.

It’s not that the people who love you didn’t try. They tried so hard. But no amount of hugs or compliments or late night conversations were able to help you in the way that one song helped you.

Why do you think so many people have lyrics tattooed onto their skin? Why do you think so many people have a certain CD that they play on repeat after something tragic happens to them? Because the music, whether it’s the lyrics or the drums or a combination of the two, makes them feel like they’re not alone. Like it’s going to be okay.

You can hear those words–that it’s okay and that it’s going to get better–from your parents. You can hear it from your friends. You can hear it from celebrities. But you never truly believed it until you heard that song.

Maybe it saved your life a few months ago. Maybe it was a few years ago. But it still means everything to you. It still makes you feel fluttery and warm whenever you hear it. It still reminds you that living is worthwhile.

And, if you were lucky enough to hear that song in concert, it was the most euphoric experience of your life. As close to ecstasy as you’ve ever come. As close to heaven as you could possibly feel here on Earth.

Why? Because they were right in front of you. The people that knew exactly what was going through your mind, even though they didn’t know your name. The inhuman humans that sat down and created the song that kept your heart beating, that kept your pulse active.

When other people ask you about your favorite song, they might tease you–about how horrible the band is or about how cliché the specific song is. Because they don’t understand. They think you like the song, because it makes you tap your feet and sing along. They don’t realize it’s so much more than that.

But if you meet someone else, another person like you with an anti-suicide song, you’ll come to an instant understanding. They might think your song sucks, but they’ll respect it. They’ll understand how deeply you’re connected to it, because they’re deeply connected to their song.

Like you, they know what it’s like for a song to save a life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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