Never Do These 13 Things When Sending Nude Photos

David Cohen
David Cohen

1. Include your face in the picture. If your makeup is on point, then you can send him a separate selfie once you’re all finished. If your nudes ever get leaked (or if his friends snoop through his phone), it’s better if there’s not an identifiable face for them to see.

2. Take them while completely naked. I know they’re called nudes, but you don’t actually have to be nude. In fact, it’s better if you leave a little to the imagination. Take a pic in your bra or in some sexy lingerie.

3. Don’t send a close-up picture of your pussy (unless he asks for it). Wouldn’t you rather see a photo of his abs than a photo of his dick? He’d rather see your boobs (or ass or legs) than your vagina. It’s just sexier.

4. Forget to add a caption. It can be something simple like, “wish you were here,” but make sure you include it. It amps up the sexiness.

5. Take them in the bathroom. I know you want to put your full-length mirror to good use, but bathroom lighting is rarely flattering. Try resting on your bed and snapping photos from there.

6. Use filters. If you’re sending him nudes, you’re probably sleeping with him (or will sleep with him at some point). That means he knows what you look like, so there’s no need to try to hide your flaws. Embrace the body you were born with!

7. Try to get your entire body in the shot. It’s hard to do, so just focus on one area of your body at a time. Send him a pic of your bare legs, of your cleavage, or of your booty in your brand new thong.

8. Send them without warning. Sure, he’ll love the surprise. But if you give them to him during his 9-5, it could distract him from getting important work done. Even worse, he could open up the message while his coworkers are within viewing distance.

9. Send the first photo you take. You wouldn’t upload the first selfie you took to Instagram, so why would you send the first nude you took to your partner? Snap a few until you find your best angles.

10. Forget to delete the photos once you’re done. If you own an iPhone, remember that the pictures aren’t actually gone once you toss them in the trash. You also have to go to your “recently deleted” album. And, if you use the cloud, you’ll have to delete them from your computer, too.

11. Only take them at home. Even though it’s easier to take them in your house, it’s sexier if you take them out of the house. Snap a pic while you’re in a changing room at the mall or while you’re in a bathroom at a bar. The naughtiness will be an instant turn on for him.

12. Assume that your Snapchat pictures are only temporary. You know damn well that he’s going to screenshot your boobs. Looking at them for ten seconds won’t be enough. 

13. Send them to someone sketchy. Now that he’s your boyfriend, you might trust him. But would you still trust him if he was your ex-boyfriend? If you don’t think you would, then don’t reward him with pictures. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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