33 Signs You’re Sleeping With The Wrong Person


1. When you bump noses or clash teeth, you never laugh about it. You just end up feeling awkward.

2. Even though you’ve been having sex with him for a while, you still feel uncomfortable taking your clothes off for him.

3. Looking into his eyes during sex feels more creepy than cute.

4. You can’t orgasm, unless you fantasize about somebody else.

5. Or you can’t orgasm at all.

6. Your thrusts and kisses are never in rhythm.

7. When you talk to your friends about your sex life, it’s to complain, not to brag.

8. During sex, your mind wanders. You end up thinking less about him and more about what shows are on that night and which chores you still have to finish.

9. You don’t want the same things. You want an actual boyfriend and he wants a FWB.

10. When the TV is on, you find yourself looking over his shoulder to watch it while he thrusts.

11. The sex doesn’t feel meaningful. It just makes you feel empty.

12. You never feel like cuddling after sex.

13. You only sleep with him, because you feel like you owe it to him.

14. You’re uncomfortable talking about sex with him, even though you’ve been having sex with him.

15. You’re uncomfortable giving him a small kiss in public.

16. All of your moans are fake.

17. He makes you feel like you have to wax off all your hair, even if you don’t want to.

18. You always have sex in complete darkness, because you don’t want him to see your body in the light.

19. He doesn’t ask for your consent before ripping off your clothes.

20. Sex is stale and scheduled. It never happens spontaneously.

21. You never initiate, because honestly, the thought never crosses your mind.

22. There’s not one physical aspect of him that you find attractive.

23. He never touches you in the right spots. It’s like he doesn’t know your body at all.

24. He pressures you to do things you’re completely uncomfortable with.

25. You’re constantly worried about what your vagina smells like and tastes like.

26. Looking at him isn’t much of a turn-on for you.

27. Kissing him isn’t much of a turn-on for you.

28. Sometimes, you pretend to be asleep to get out of having sex with him.

29. The sex is painful.

30. You stare at the clock more often than you stare at his body.

31. You find yourself comparing every little thing he does to what your ex did. And your ex was better in all respects.

32. You’re too embarrassed to talk dirty with him. You’re even embarrassed to sext him.

33. The thought of getting pregnant terrifies you. Not because of the baby itself. Because it would be his baby. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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