28 Signs He’s Actually Going To Stick Around After Sex, Because His Feelings For You Are Real

Twenty20, Lilburd
Twenty20, Lilburd

1. He actually makes you orgasm, because he views you as more than just a toy to play with for the night.

2. He doesn’t pressure you into anything, because he knows you two will try anal and shower sex and bondage when the time is right.

3. He has serious conversations with you about birth control, so he knows if he should stock up on condoms or if you want to rely on the pill.

4. After sex is over, he asks you if you preferred one position over another, so he can tailor his performance to fit your needs in the future.

5. He brings an overnight bag, because he isn’t planning on running out the door as soon as sex is over.

6. When sex is over, he reaches for you, because he’s ready for a long cuddle session.

7. He doesn’t mind if foreplay lasts for an entire hour, because he actually enjoys making out with you and doesn’t feel the need to rush to the good part. With you, everything is the good part.

8. He brings you back to his (clean) apartment to have sex, instead of dragging you into a bar bathroom or a sketchy hotel room.

9. He kisses you on the lips, forehead, and cheeks just as often as he kisses you on the neck, stomach, and boobs.

10. He looks you in the eyes while he’s thrusting, because he loves you and your personality as much as he loves your body.

11. He makes sure he gets consent before you have sex, even if you’ve had sex before, because he knows you don’t owe him anything.

12. He does little things to set the mood, like lights a candle with your favorite scent or plays your favorite song.

13. Instead of calling you something generic like babe, he uses your name.

14. If you tell him you’re in pain, he’ll stop immediately.

15. In fact, if it even looks like you’re the slightest bit uncomfortable, he’ll ask you if you’re okay and if you want him to stop.

16. He doesn’t throw a fit when you turn down sex, because he genuinly enjoys your company.

17. He goes down on you and then goes on with his day, without expecting you to return the favor.

18. He makes the bed as comfortable as he can for you. If you complain about the pillows or sheets, he’ll buy new ones, just for you.

19. After sex is over with, he lets you walk around in his tee-shirts and boxers. He even lets you take them home with you.

20. He makes a point to kiss you on the moles and birthmarks that you’ve always hated.

21. He prefers positions where he’s able to look you in the eyes and lean down to kiss you on the lips.

22. When he sees you naked, he alternates between calling you sexy and beautiful.

23. He takes his time undressing you, because he wants to admire every piece of your body.

24. He doesn’t get disgusted when you try to kiss him right after a blowjob.

25. He doesn’t booty call you at the last second. He schedules dates with you in advance.

26. He pays attention to your moans, so he can figure out how you like to be touched.

27. He doesn’t feel like you owe him anything. When you wear lingerie or go down on him, he is genuinely appreciative.

28. He tells you that he loves you during sex, and again after sex to prove that he means it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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