22 Signs You’re The Best Sex He’s Ever Had


1. You’re confident. You’re not embarrassed to strut your stuff in lingerie or leave the lights on, even if you’re feeling bloated.

2. You know what you want. When you’re feeling horny, you initiate sex yourself. And during the act, you play with your nipples and rub your clit instead of waiting for him to do it.

3. You pay attention to what he likes and what he hates. You always notice when he moans extra loudly or twitches his body in a certain way.

4. You like sex. Whether you’re riding him or going down on him, you’re actually enjoying yourself. He sees that enthusiasm, and it turns him on.

5. You know his body’s pleasure points. You don’t ignore his balls, his ears, or his neck. You know you’re meant to touch more than just his penis.

6. You’re open-minded. He knows he can ask you for anal or oral, and you’ll actually consider it without just laughing in his face and shaking your head.

7. You’re vocal. You always say the inappropriate things that pop into your mind. When you’re not talking dirty, you’re at least moaning.

8. You get on top of him. You don’t expect him to do all of the work, because you realize sex requires two people.

9. You get him horny ahead of time. You don’t wait until you’re home alone to talk dirty. You sext him while he’s at work and grab his ass when you’re out in public.

10. You own sexy underwear. He gets the pleasure of seeing you walk around the house in lacy thongs, booty shorts, and crotchless panties.

11. You’re completely comfortable with him. When you sleep with someone you love and trust, the sex is instantly better.

12. You’re creative. You don’t expect him to pick the positions each time. You come up with positions of your own.

13. He has super strong orgasms. You don’t even have to ask him how it felt, because you can tell by the look on his face that it was fucking fantastic.

14. You’re unpredictable. You don’t want to be dominated all the time. Sometimes, you want to be the dominant one. Today you’ll put handcuffs on him and tomorrow you’ll let him put them on you.

15. You don’t need alcohol in order to let loose. You’re a naughty freak all the time, even when you’re stone cold sober.

16. Your partner’s happiness causes your happiness. You’re just as willing to give an orgasm as you are to get an orgasm.

17. You’re always moving. Even when he’s on top, doing all of the work, you find something to do with your hands or legs. You nibble on his earlobe, pull his hair, claw at his back. Anything.

18. You have good hygiene. You keep yourself showered and shaved, and you always smell as delicious as you look.

19. You’re adventurous. You’re willing to have a quickie in a changing room at the mall or outside in the parking lot.

20. You own multiple toys and incorporate them into sex whenever you can.

21. You love to kiss. His lips, his jaw, his neck, his back. You can’t keep your mouth off of him.

22. You have sex, because you want to have sex. It’s not because you feel like you’re obligated to. Whenever you get frisky, you’re always super into it, which is what makes you the best lover he’s ever had. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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