20 Times When He’s Picturing You Completely Naked

Random men probably won’t picture you naked throughout the day. But when a guy really likes you, he’s going to imagine it ALL the time.
Twenty20, _saraheiseman_
Twenty20, _saraheiseman_

1. When you’re walking around wearing super tight (and revealing) yoga pants that show off the curve of your ass. He’s picturing what it would look like without the fabric in the way.

2. When you’re at the movie theater and a sex scene pops on. Don’t worry, because he’s not focused on the woman on screen. He’s imagining what it would be like to fuck you after the film’s over.

3. When you joke about something sexual. It doesn’t matter if it’s some disgusting dirty joke, because it’s going to make him think of sex, and sex is going to make him think of your naked body.

4. When you send him a Snapchat that he didn’t get the chance to open yet. Even though he knows it’s probably not a nude picture, he’s imagining what it would look like if it was a nude picture.

5. When you text him that you’re about to shower or that you just stepped out of the shower. Even if you don’t say it in a sexual way, he’s going to imagine what you look like with water running down your naked body.

6. When you bend over or squat or get into any other position that would work well in the bedroom.

7. When you tell him stories about the one-night stand you had or the time you went skinny dipping. As you speak, you can bet your ass he’s going to be picturing your ass.

8. When he sees your thong peeking out from your jeans. He can handle seeing a bra strap, but a glimpse of a thong will send his mind wandering.

9. When you remove your sweatshirt or unbutton a few buttons. When he sees you taking some clothing off, he’ll wish you were taking it all off.

10. When you talk about how you have nothing to wear. His solution? Wear nothing.

11. When he’s watching porn. If he really likes you, then his mind is going to drift away from the actresses to imagine what you would look like naked.

12. When you’re texting him late at night from your bed. He’s hoping that you sleep naked.

13. When your cleavage is killing it. He likes your shirt and wishes he could see what’s hidden beneath it.

14. When you’re in bed together. It doesn’t matter if you’re cuddling or if you’re sitting on opposite ends of the bed while watching YouTube videos together. Beds remind men of sex.

15. When you invite him over to watch Netflix. He thinks that’s code for a booty call, so he’s going to imagine the body that he assumes he’s going to see later.

16. When he’s masturbating. He’s not going to touch himself while fantasizing about you wearing a parka with earmuffs and gloves. Obviously, you’re going to be naked in his mind.

17. When you’re listening to music together and a risqué song comes on. How is he supposed to think tame thoughts when Drake is singing about having sex tonight?

18. When he’s bored. If he really likes you, then he’ll think about you naked whenever he has a spare moment to fantasize.

19. When you kiss him. He’s praying that your make-out session will lead to sex, so he can see your beautiful body.

20. When you tell him you’re horny. It’ll make him horny, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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