20 Juicy Sex Details Your Partner Is Probably Spilling To Their Friends


1. If you’ve had sex yet. Once you do, her friends will know about it, because she’ll be wondering what it means. Are you official now? Are you friends with benefits? Are you just seeing where it goes? She needs her BFF’s opinion.

2. The type of protection you two use. She’ll want to know if her friends are using condoms in addition to the pill or if they’re just sticking to the pill or if they’ve tried out that IUD thing. No offense, but she doesn’t want to end up pregnant with your child.

3. What her pubic hair looks like. She’s curious about what her friends’ situations are, so she can decide if she should shave it all off and if she should encourage you to manscape.

4. If you’ve made her orgasm. Unfortunately, women are usually so neglected sexually that other women will actually be impressed when they hear their friend has been finishing. So if you make your girl orgasm, you bet your ass she’s going to brag about it.

5. What you sext each other. She might even show her friends the sexts you two have sent each other in order to brag or to get advice on how to take it up a notch.

6. How often you’re fucking. She wants to know if her friends are having more or less sex than she is. It’s not a competition. Except it kind of is.

7. The size of your dick. She’ll let her friends know if it’s thicker or longer or thinner or shorter than the guys she’s been with in the past. Don’t get self-conscious. She’s probably making you look good.

8. What erotic novels she’s read. This isn’t exactly about you, but if your girlfriend tells her friends about the naughty things she’s read about, she might end up asking you to do those things to her in the future.

9. When she had a pregnancy scare. Even if you don’t realize it, your girlfriend has had at least one pregnancy scare in her life. She might’ve kept it a secret from you to keep you calm, but she’s going to tell her friends all about it.

10. Where you’ve done it. If you’ve been naughty and have had sex in a park or a classroom, then she’s going to brag about how adventurous she is.

11. What type of lingerie she owns. If she’s found a super sexy outfit, she’ll tell her friends where she bought it and how much it cost. She might even show it to them (while it’s on the hook).

12. How long sex lasts. She’ll either complain about how quickly you come or how long it takes you. There is no in-between.

13. If you’ve tried any toys. If she’s had a life-changing experience with a pair of handcuffs, she’s going to give the news to her friends, so they can try them out as well.

14. What type of underwear she wears. She’ll talk about how uncomfortable thongs are and how comfortable cotton is. And she’ll talk about whether you wear boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs.

15. What your cum tastes like. Is it the best thing she’s ever swallowed or does it make her gag?

16. How often oral is happening. She wants to be assured that you’re going down on her often enough and that she’s going down on you often enough.

17. How she feels about being on top. She’ll either complain about how much she hates riding you or she’ll offer her friends some pointers.

18. What porn she’s watched. If she’s seen any ridiculous adult videos recently, she’ll laugh about them with her friends.

19. When she has to visit the gynecologist. She’ll complain about how she has to schedule an appointment soon to get fondled by a stranger. No woman is happy about her trips to the gyno.

20. How amazing your cuddling sessions are. She can’t talk about sex without talking about what comes after. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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