19 Men On The Single Sexiest Thing A Woman Could Do To Make Him Cum


1. “I want a nice, long blowjob. I feel like most girls want to get down and get it over with as quickly as they can–which I completely understand. I’m sure it hurts their jaw to be down there for a while, but… I like being teased. I like when it takes more than two minutes.” — Louis, 22

2. “Just get on top and ride me. I’m a simple man. Seeing a hot chick on my lap with her tits out is enough for me.” — Kris, 24

3. “A few years back, I dated a woman who loved anal and it was the hottest thing ever. I’ve been with other women who agreed to do it, but only to make me happy, and the lack of enthusiasm ruined it. I want you to want my cock in your ass.” — Will, 31

4. “Show up at my front step in heels and lingerie. I don’t care what color it is or what fabric or whatever. The fact that you’d do something like that for me is attractive.” — Freddie, 20

5. “I can’t get off unless my wife talks dirty to me. I want to hear her say how she loves my cock rubbing up against her clit and how she wants my semen dripping out of her lips. If it’s a lie, oh well. I still want to hear it.” — Danny, 27

6. “Masturbate in front of me. I don’t even need to touch you. Seeing you is hot enough.” — Alexander, 22

7. “I like being surprised. Not like, a finger-in-the-ass surprise. Like, surprised with toys or something. I like going into a girl’s room and then seeing her pull out a massive dildo for me to use on her or some porn for us to watch.” — Taylor, 23

8. “I’m a sucker for Zooey Deschanel. I don’t need a girl who looks exactly like her, but I’d love for my girlfriend to dress up like her in bed. Roleplaying is always fun.” — Chad, 26

9. “I want to have sex in front of a video camera. We could delete the footage right after. But knowing we’re being taped would be pretty damn sexy if you ask me.” — Craig, 21

10. “Bite me. Hard. Draw blood if you want to. It sounds fucked up, but I’d cum instantly.” — Matthew, 28

11. “Every girl I’ve been with has refused to bring food into bed, but I want to make a mess. Pour whipped cream on her nipples, draw on her with melted chocolate, and all that crap. We can always toss out the sheets.” — Justin, 25

12. “Do those Kegel exercise things while I’m inside of you. It makes your vagina grip down on my dick. It’s really fucking nice.” — Jesse, 23

13. “Say my name. It’s all I need to hear.” — Sam, 19

14. “I actually prefer it when I’m on top, so really, all she has to do is kiss me while I’m thrusting. And maybe lightly run her nails down my back.” — Andrew, 30

15. “I kind of like being blindfolded. My girlfriend once tied her scarf around my eyes and then rode me. Hot as hell.” — Sal, 22

16. “I want a girl to sit on my face while I jack myself off.” — Kevin, 20

17. “I like fucking in front of mirrors. And windows.” — Jordan, 24

18. “Quickies are great. I know girls usually need a while to warm up, and I’m all for that, but when they’re ready and raring to go? That’s the best. Makes me horny to know they’re horny.” — Paulie, 31

19. “I’m still a young guy. A hot girl could just look at me a certain way and I’d cum.” — Russell, 18 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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