18 Major Kissing Mistakes That’ll Make You Look Like An Amateur

Pexels, Adrianna Calvo
Adrianna Calvo

1. Shoving your tongue in his mouth the second you make contact with his lips. I don’t care how long you’ve been waiting to touch him. Start off with soft pecks and work your way up to French kisses.

2. Keeping your hands at your side. No, you don’t want to fondle his ass during your very first kiss. But you should grab his shoulders, run a hand through his hair, or at least interlace your fingers with his.

3. Forgetting to stop for air. I know you want to keep kissing, but you both need to breathe. Every once in a while, pull apart, so you can stare dreamily into his eyes (or whisper about all the dirty things you want to do to him).

4. Biting. If anyone has ever told you to “bite” a man’s lip, they didn’t actually mean “bite.” They meant lightly nibble and tug. Don’t bite him.

5. Wearing too much lipstick. If makeup makes you feel powerful, go crazy with it. But if you know you’re going to be making out soon, you probably don’t want your lips covered in color. It’ll make a mess.

6. Forgetting the importance of oral hygiene. You don’t have to keep a miniature toothbrush in your bag. But you should at least carry around a pack of gum or some tick tacks.

7. Not using enough tongue. If you’re in the middle of a make-out session, that tongue is a necessity. Don’t go crazy with it, but don’t underutilize it, either.

8. Picking the wrong lip. I don’t care if you always kissed your ex’s bottom lip. It might be more comfortable to kiss your new man’s upper lip, so be open to testing out new things.

9. Eating the wrong foods beforehand. If you have a date, put down the garlic. You can eat it later.

10. Being completely silent. You don’t have to moan like you’re in the middle of filming your latest sex tape. But making sounds of approval every now and then will let him know you’re enjoying yourself.

11. Keeping your eyes open. It’s creepy. Don’t do it. You can stare at him once the make-out session is over.

12. Talking too much in between kisses. It’s cute to give him a compliment here or there, but don’t waste time yapping when you could be kissing, damn it.

13. Forgetting to apply chapstick. You want your lips to be kissable, don’t you? Then you need to make sure they’re soft and smooth.

14. Getting too handsy in public. Most men aren’t fans of PDA, so wait until you get home to paw at him.

15. Asking him if you’re a good kisser. It’s an awkward conversation to have. If he actually enjoys the kiss, you’ll be able to tell.

16. Wearing too much perfume. After all, when you kiss him, his body will be pressed up against yours. If you’re doused in perfume, he’ll smell it. And it might make him sick.

17. Using the same moves over and over again. Variety is key. Don’t let him get bored of your lips.

18. Letting yourself get nervous. If you’re tense, it’ll be obvious. Try to relax. If you’re kissing the right person, then all the right moves should come naturally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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