18 Guys Explain Why They LOVE Going Down On Their Girlfriends

Twenty20, theblissfulbrunette
Twenty20, theblissfulbrunette

1. “I like watching her reaction to everything I do. She gets so into it. And there’s no bigger turn on than seeing my girlfriend turned on.”  Tyler, 23

2. “I don’t get why other guys complain about the taste. Every girl I’ve gone down on was delicious. The smell’s not bad, either. I love sticking my nose in there. It’s… intimate. And super hot.” — Daniel, 26

3. “I like hearing her moans and she never moans more than when I run my tongue across her clit.” — Allen, 22

4. “While I’m down there, she plays with my hair. And when she really likes what I’m doing, she grabs it. It’s pretty sexy.”  Brian, 22

5. “I’m competitive. I like to see how quickly I can make her cum. Or if I can make her cum harder than the last time. It’s like a game for me.”  Nathan, 28

6. “Eating pussy makes me feel powerful. I can give or take away her pleasure with a flick of my tongue. I love to tease her like that.”  Patrick, 20

7. “She’s always so thankful for it. I think it’s cute. Kind’ve sad too, though, because her exes never really went down on her. Most girls don’t get enough oral, I think.”  Dustin, 25

8. “Do I really have to explain it? I’m a straight dude. I like pussy. It looks good. It tastes good. Why the hell wouldn’t I want to go down on her?” — Alec, 18

9. “I waited twenty years to find the right girl to have sex with, so you bet your ass I’m going to put my face in her pussy every chance I get.”  Connor, 24

10. “She does so much for me. Not just in bed. Throughout the day. So eating her out is the least I can do.”  Scott, 29

11. “Oral is the only way she can orgasm. I don’t get to see her O-face during penetration, so I like going down on her and looking up at the last second to see her twitch.” — Kyle, 19

12. “It’s my favorite type of foreplay. I eat her out, make her cum, and then fuck her. That way, she gets her orgasm and I get mine.”  Joel, 23

13. “Women have told me how much better a tongue feels than a penis, and I want to make my woman as happy as possible. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.” — Dalton, 20

14. “She does this thing where she squeezes her thighs against my face when she climaxes. I fucking love it.”  Marco, 25

15. “I love her body, and I love seeing it from all different angles. During oral, I get to look at her in a way I normally wouldn’t during sex. It’s a nice change.” — Evan, 27

16. “I mean, obviously I want to make her wet and the easiest way to do that is to suck on her clit a little. Maybe thrust my tongue into her hole. She likes it, so I like it.”  Parker, 27

17. “My girlfriend’s hot. I want to touch her whenever I can, wherever I can. Eating her pussy makes me just as horny as fucking her does.”  Rafael, 26

18. “After I go down on her, she always goes down on me. So I guess I enjoy it for selfish reasons.”  Clay, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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