17 Men On The Biggest Complaint They Have About Their Sex Life

Joshua Munoz
Joshua Munoz

1. “I hate using condoms. I don’t want to be an asshole and I definitely don’t want any STDs, but holy shit, they’re the worst. Takes away all the fun for me. Well, most of the fun.” — Jason, 26

2. “I want to use toys. My girlfriend’s vanilla, so she won’t even let me put fuzzy pink handcuffs on her. But I have some in the back of my closet, just in case.” — Alec, 21

3. “My girlfriend never cums. Ever. She said it’s not me, that she never orgasmed with any of her exes either, but it annoys the hell out of me. I just want to make it happen.” — Chad, 26

4. “I hate when I have to stop myself from cumming, because she didn’t cum yet. I know she deserves it as much as I do, but it’s hard to hold back my load sometimes.”  — Jeff, 29

5. “I don’t like looking her in the eyes. I know it’s supposed to make girls feel all warm and fuzzy, but it just makes me feel self-conscious.” — Hunter, 20

6. “I’m all for leaving my socks on. My girlfriend hates seeing them, but I get cold easily. Can’t help it. She shouldn’t be focused on my feet, anyway.” — Devin, 27

7. “Lingerie isn’t sexy. Complaining about it makes me sound like a douchebag, but my girlfriend wears it all the time and there’s always so many straps and bows and frills. I’d rather have her wear a tank top and shorts. Keep it simple.” — Ian, 22

8. “The last girl I fucked moaned like a porn star. And that’s not a compliment. She sounded ridiculous. Took me out of the moment.” — Carlos, 23

9. “Not into dirty talk. My girlfriend’s super talkative in bed, which most guys go nuts over, but I would like it so much better if it was silent. I just want to focus on what I got to do, you know?” — Garett, 27

10. “I’m not going to pressure my fiancé into doing anything she’s uncomfortable with, but it sucks she’s not into anal. It’s all I want to do.” — Ed, 21

11. “She leaves a little airplane strip, but I wish she would shave it all off down there. I’d never ask her for that though. Don’t want to get slapped.” — Seth, 28

12. “I can’t stand going down on my girlfriend. I do it, because it’s the only way she can orgasm, but it’s… exhausting.” — Shane, 24

13. “Making out sucks. I’m not in middle school anymore. I don’t want to kiss a girl for an hour while my boner presses into her stomach. Just want her to move it along, but I know foreplay is important so… Guess I got to deal with it.” — Isaac, 19

14. “She won’t fuck me without music and I HATE IT. It’s not even good music. She puts on the radio, so we never know what’s going to pop on.” — Colton, 25

15. “I don’t like missionary. It’s impossible to avoid, but I don’t want to do all the damn work. When she’s on top, it’s so nice. I can be my lazy self.” — Ethan, 19

16. “My girlfriend’s cat is always in the room. I don’t want those big eyes staring at me while I’m on top of his owner. Fucking gross.” — Andre, 25

17. “No one ever has sex with me. I think that’s a pretty valid complaint right there.” — Max, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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