14 Foreplay Tips For Girls Who Have Trouble Getting Turned On

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

1. When you’re relaxing on the couch with him, think sexy thoughts. Let your mind wander away from the television and fantasize about what you wish he was doing to you. When you’re sufficiently wet, initiate sex.

2. Or, if you want to get him in on the action, grab his hand and place it on your pussy. While you’re watching TV, he can absentmindedly rub until you’re ready to go.

3. Ask your partner to go down on you and bring you to the brink of orgasm. Some women are extra sensitive after they cum, so fucking him right after he eats you out isn’t the best idea–unless he stops before you orgasm and then penetrates you.

4. Start the foreplay hours before you see him by sexting. If you share dirty photos and thoughts throughout the day, you’ll be horny AF by the time you actually see him.

5. Ask him for a massage. It’ll be a turn-on to feel his hands across your skin, but it will also help you relax. The biggest reason why women experience pain during sex is because they’re too tense. You need to relax.

6. Masturbate in front of him. You know what you like, which means you should be able to get yourself wet in no time. And watching you will get him hard, so it’s a win-win.

7. If you’re uncomfortable touching yourself in front of him, then you can excuse yourself, run to the bathroom, and masturbate in there. Don’t make yourself cum. Just make yourself wet.

8. On your drive over to his house, listen to empowering music that puts you in the mood. You can even touch yourself a little when you’re stopped at lights.

9. Use lube so things are extra slippery. Just remember that the lube isn’t meant to replace your natural wetness. It’s meant to add to it. So if you aren’t wet in the first place, you’ll still experience discomfort.

10. You’re allowed to touch yourself, you know. During foreplay, rub your clit or play with your nipples if that’s what turns you on. Do whatever you need to do.

11. Cuddling doesn’t have to happen after sex. You could cuddle as foreplay. After all, there’s nothing better than feeling his hard-on rub against your butt.

12. Make-out for as long as you’d like. Some men don’t appreciate the lead up to sex, but to hell with him. If you need a high school style make-out session in order to get wet enough for sex, then keep kissing him until you can’t take it anymore.

13. Foreplay by playing strip poker or a sexy board game. Just don’t play any drinking games. All that alcohol might make you feel more frisky mentally, but it’ll actually make it harder for you to get wet physically.

14. When all else fails, ask your gyno for advice, because you might have low estrogen levels or an immune disorder. You might even be taking a birth control pill that’s messing with your libido. If there’s a physical problem, then she can solve it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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