You’re Not A Real College Student Until You Do These 35 Naughty Things

Twenty20, hellokristine
Twenty20, hellokristine

1. Flirt with your hottest professor (or at least with his teaching assistant).

2. Become friends with someone that makes you question your sexuality.

3. Send super hot sexts to keep yourself entertained while you’re sitting in a boring class.

4. Dye your hair purple, get a nipple piercing, or make another change that will make you feel insanely sexy.

5. Hook up with a foreign exchange student. Or really, anyone with an accent.

6. Go on a walk of shame that makes you feel shameless.

7. Make the first move on that hot guy that you’ve been staring at all semester.

8. Buy a sex toy you can use to relax when the stress of schoolwork gets too heavy.

9. Take sexy Snapchats of yourself and send them out to any boys you deem worthy.

10. Do a body shot off of someone.

11. Let someone do a body shot off of you.

12. Go skinny dipping in a pool or the nearest lake.

13. Have a one-night stand with someone, even though they’re in one of your classes, and you’ll have to deal with the awkwardness all semester long.

14. Have sex inside of an empty classroom.

15. Dress in  the sluttiest costume you can find on Halloween.

16. Sleep with the type of person that you never would’ve looked at twice in high school.

17. Skip one of your classes to make out with the guy that’s been sitting next to you all year.

18. Have sex in a stranger’s dorm room during a party.

19. Kiss another girl.

20. Hook up with someone way out of your league.

21. Attend a paint party, a toga party, or any other type of party where you get to show up half-naked.

22. Find a friend with benefits, even if your relationship only lasts for a few weeks.

23. Convince a hot guy to buy you a drink, so you don’t end up wasting all of your own money.

24. Have a threesome with two people that you’re never going to see again.

25. Flash someone.

26. Make out with someone in the library, while being as quiet as you can.

27. Hang a sock on the door while you’re having sex, so everyone knows that you’re getting laid.

28. Have sex with someone while you’re actually sober.

29. Netflix and chill.

30. Have sex that’s so loud your roommate complains.

31. Make out with a complete stranger at a party.

32. Act as your roommate’s wingman and help get them laid.

33. Go out with someone you met on Tinder.

34. Have sex in the middle of the football field (or at least underneath the bleachers).

35. Have sex with someone you actually want to cuddle with in the morning. TC mark

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