The Difference Between Sleeping With A Skinny Woman And A Plus-Sized Woman

Yana Toyber
Yana Toyber

Guess what? There’s zero difference between sleeping with someone who weighs thirty pounds less than you and thirty pounds more than you. Sex is sex. It’s more about confidence than it is about weight.

If you’re self-conscious, then you’re more likely to turn the lights off during sex, keep your top on, and avoid wearing lingerie, which is a huge no-no. If someone is in bed with you, then they find you attractive. They want to see you naked, even if that means you’ll have to expose your scars and cellulite and flab. You might not believe that you’re beautiful, but they do, so you shouldn’t be embarrassed to get undressed for them.

Of course, in a technical sense, there are certain sex positions that will be difficult for plus-sized women to pull off. Don’t feel bad about it, because thin girls can’t handle them either, unless they have gymnast-level flexibility.

If your man is on top of you in the missionary position, and you’re having trouble getting the right angle, then use pillows to prop up your butt and back until you end up in a position that works for the both of you.

And if you’re the one on top of your man, don’t sit up straight and arch your back while you’re riding him like you see in the movies. Instead, lean forward, right over his chest, and place your hands on the bed to keep you up. You can use your arms to help you spring yourself up and down, so your legs aren’t stuck doing all of the work.

Once you get tired, tell your man it’s his turn to take the lead and switch positions. If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, try doing it Doggy style, so most of his focus is on your ass. If there’s a problem with the angles again, you could prop a pillow under your stomach this time to give him a better angle of penetration.

Remember, if pillows aren’t doing the job, you can always use a few folded up blankets. And if your bed isn’t firm enough, try doing it on the floor. Your man will find the idea sexy as fuck.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to cowgirl and missionary. You could masturbate side-by-side. You could grab a sex toy and let him penetrate you in two places at once. You could do anything and everything as long as you and your partner put your heads (and genitals) together to find a way to make it work.

You don’t need a special set of rules, just because you’re plus-sized. No, you might not want to throw your legs into pretzel-like positions, but you can make up for that with passionate kisses and dirty talk.

Sex isn’t any better with a thin woman than with a plus-sized woman, because weight honestly does not matter. It all depends on the person. It all depends on your attitude.

So own your body. It’s fucking beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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