More Women Would Orgasm If Men Actually Knew These 10 Things About The Female Body

Twenty20, marielajng
Twenty20, marielajng

1. A clitoris is more like a penis than you realize. It swells when she’s aroused and it even has a shaft that likes to be licked and stroked. So guess what? You should be paying way more attention to that area than you have been. Forget her G-spot, because you probably won’t find it anyway.

2. I know you get turned on when you see a big pair of boobs, but most women need something more than visual stimulation. That’s why you need to talk to her. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking dirty or whispering about how beautiful she looks. Let her hear your voice. Let her feel your hands trail over her skin. Let her smell your cologne. Pamper all five senses.

3. Nipplegasms are actually a thing. That means you shouldn’t ignore her breasts in the bedroom. You might be able to make her orgasm without even touching her below the belt. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

4. If you do want to go on a search for the magical G-spot, then you’re going to have to trim your nails, get her wet, and stick two fingers into her vagina. The G-spot should be about two inches deep, so don’t go in too far or you aren’t going to find it. Oh, and remember to curl your fingers in a “come hither” motion, because the G-spot is located on the upper side of the vagina.

5. She isn’t asking for foreplay, because she wants to cherish the moment or because she wants to torture you. She actually needs it. Women take a while to get turned on. It can take the average woman ten to twenty minutes to get fully aroused, so take your fucking time. You don’t want sex to hurt her, do you?

6. When she has her period, blood doesn’t actually come gushing out of her whenever she stands up, so you shouldn’t be totally disgusted by the idea of period sex. If she ends up making a mess on your sheets, it’ll only be a small one.

7. Don’t stick your dick in her, just because you reached in between her legs and felt wetness. Have you ever heard of vaginal discharge? It’s a normal, nature thing that can trick you into thinking she’s turned on when sex is the last thing on her mind.

8. You might ignore your brain during sex, but women are always trapped inside their minds. That’s why a little bit of stress can completely ruin her chances of having an orgasm. So make her feel comfortable. Make her feel beautiful. Make her feel loved. Appeal to her brain as much as her body.

9. It’s super easy for women to get infections (that will cause sex to be painful and encourage her to hold off on it for weeks), so be careful. If she doesn’t pee after sex, she could get an infection. If you put a finger in her butt and then in her vagina, she could get an infection. If you don’t wash your dick before entering her, she could get an infection. So be careful with her, please.

10. Sex shouldn’t be painful. At all. If she’s in pain, you’re doing something wrong. As a matter of fact, if sex isn’t as amazing for her as it is for you, you’re doing something wrong. You shouldn’t be the only one benefiting from it. Learn how to stroke her clit and eat her pussy, so she can have a fun time, too. Sex is a two player game. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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