Date A Guy Who’s Good With Little Kids

Twenty20, dott.marco
Twenty20, dott.marco

Date someone who makes a point not to swear in front of little kids, even though he usually drops the F word in every other sentence.

Date someone who doesn’t freak out when he’s asked to hold a baby or when he sees a woman breastfeeding in public.

Date someone who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when changing a diaper.

Date someone who can make a random baby at the grocery store laugh just by making silly faces.

Date someone who doesn’t mind when his little brother plays with Barbies or when his little sister plays with Nerf guns.

Date someone who won’t get angry when he spends a whole hour trying to put together a play set, and by the time he’s finished, the kid doesn’t even want to play with it anymore.

Date someone who actually looks over when a little kid excitedly tells him they want to show him something.

Date someone who has the willpower to sit through Frozen three times in one day.

Date someone who agrees to play video games with your siblings, and actually enjoys himself instead of feeling like it’s a chore that he should earn brownie points for.

Date someone who doesn’t mind letting a little girl paint his nails or try to put his hair in pigtails.

Date someone who knows exactly what to say when a kid asks an awkward question about sex or Santa Claus.

Date someone who offers to make your little cousins a plate during holiday parties, because they can’t reach the table yet.

Date someone who doesn’t immediately get pissed when he hears a baby crying on an airplane or in the middle of a movie theater, because he realizes that that’s what babies do.

Date someone who actually helps you out when you agree to babysit, instead of forcing you to do all of the work on your own.

Date someone who will go easy on a kid when they’re playing a board game with them, but won’t let them win, either.

Date someone who doesn’t throw a fit when a baby throws up on his favorite shirt, even if he knows it’ll be impossible to get out the stain.

Date someone who listens to a toddler when they’re talking, even if they’re babbling on and on and sound like they’re speaking a completely different language.

Date someone who can pick out the perfect gift for your niece, even though it’s been twenty years since he walked down the toy aisle.

Date someone who’s willing to learn how to braid his little cousin’s hair when her parents aren’t paying any attention to her.

Date someone who offers your little sister a root beer when she’s upset that she’s the only one without a real beer.

Date someone who shows off photos of his newborn nephew to anyone who will look at them, because he’s so proud he’s an uncle.

Date someone who treats children with just as much respect as he treats you, because he realizes that they’re people, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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