70 ‘Boyfriend Versus Best Friend’ Questions To See Who Your REAL Soulmate Is

Ask your boyfriend and best friend these personal questions to see who knows you better!

Elliott Dunning
Elliott Dunning

1. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

2. Without looking, what color phone case do I have?

3. How many times have I gotten pulled over by the cops?

4. How many beers does it take to get me drunk?

5. How many times have I gotten my heart broken?

6. What does my current profile picture look like?

7. What color do I wear the most often?

8. What day of the week do I usually start my period?

9. What password do I use for most of my accounts?

10. What face do I usually make when I take selfies?

11. Who is the most famous celebrity I’ve ever met?

12. What song do I turn off whenever it’s on the radio?

13. If I could get plastic surgery on any part of my body, where would it be?

14. What type of makeup do I refuse to leave the house without wearing?

15. What nickname do my parents have for me?

16. What’s my favorite store in the mall?

17. What drink do I order whenever I go out to eat?

18. What age did I lose my virginity?

19. What’s my all-time favorite Disney movie?

20. What was the name of the first person I ever went on a date with?

21. When’s my half-birthday?

22. Where do I want to get married?

23. How many times did I take my road test before I passed?

24. What job did I want when I was a little kid?

25. What did I dress up as for Halloween last year?

26. What was the scariest dream that I’ve ever had?

27. What was the last concert I went to?

28. What book changed my life?

29. What poster is hanging on the wall in my room?

30. What was my first pet’s name?

31. Have I ever gotten dumped?

32. What’s my favorite girl name?

33. What’s my favorite boy name?

34. If I could be famous, what would I want to be famous for?

35. Have I ever seen a ghost before?

36. Have I ever won a contest?

37. Who am I named after?

38. What’s the stupidest thing that I’ve ever done?

39. Have I ever voted in a presidential election?

40. How many people have I slept with?

41. How many times have I broken a bone?

42. What television show have I never missed an episode of?

43. What was the brand of my first car?

44. What size shoe do I wear?

45. What celebrity did I have a crush on when I was a kid?

46. Who do I look up to the most in life?

47. What do I usually eat for breakfast?

48. How long was my longest relationship?

49. What’s my favorite board game?

50. How many different people have I kissed?

51. How many pets have I had over the course of my life?

52. What does my dream house look like?

53. What sport did I play when I was little?

54. Which celebrity do I wish I could sleep with?

55. What website do I visit the most often?

56. What was the name of the elementary school I went to?

57. What’s my least favorite chore to do around the house?

58. What was the longest period of time I’ve gone without having sex?

59. Which family member do I love the most?

60. What was my best subject when I was in high school?

61. Who is my favorite YouTuber?

62. Have I ever snuck out of my house?

63. What was the worst movie that I’ve ever sat through?

64. What year did I graduate high school?

65. Where is my favorite vacation spot?

66. What is my biggest regret in life?

67. What was the best birthday party I’ve ever had?

68. How many children do I plan on having?

69. What’s my favorite movie quote?

70. How much do I love you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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