40 Ways To Completely Ruin Your College Experience Without Even Realizing It

Lightstock, Neely Wang
Lightstock, Neely Wang

1. Choosing a major based on what you think will get you a job, instead of choosing something that you’re actually passionate about.

2. Sitting in the same exact chair all semester long without even bothering to learn the name of the person sitting next to you.

3. Forgetting to use your ID to get a shit ton of discounts at the movie theater, Subway, and Chipotle.

4. Turning down parties, because of your social anxiety.

5. Being drunk constantly, because you’ve forgotten that college is about more than tequila shots.

6. Relying on Ramen to keep you satisfied instead of learning how to cook an actual meal or two.

7. Taking hours to get ready every morning, because you’re embarrassed to be seen in sweatpants.

8. Sitting inside when you have a break instead of sitting on a bench outdoors and enjoying how beautiful your campus looks.

9. Going back home as soon as your classes are over, instead of sticking around to check out all of the clubs you could be joining.

10. Taking the easy classes you’re guaranteed to pass instead of challenging yourself.

11. Staying home to study during spring break instead of taking an epic vacation.

12. Dating the same “type” you always date, instead of taking the opportunity to experiment.

13. Keeping your headphones in or your head buried in a book, so that no one will bother you.

14. Spending too much time missing your high school friends and not enough time trying to make college friends.

15. Completely forgetting about your high school friends, because they’re out of sight and out of mind.

16. Daydreaming about that cutie who sits in front of you instead of walking up to them and actually introducing yourself.

17. Never getting tickets to see a sporting event with your friends, even if it’s just a Quidditch match.

18. Forgetting to call up your parents to tell them how you’re doing.

19. Eating the same sandwich every single day, instead of trying out other options at the food court.

20. Keeping quiet in class, even when you have something you want to say.

21. Laughing at the Human vs. Zombie players instead of signing up to join them.

22. Acting like you’re too cool to attend school plays and concerts.

23. Ignoring all of the protestors that walk up to you with pamphlets instead of giving them a chance to give their spiel.

24. Keeping your mouth shut when a classmate harasses you instead of telling them to fuck off.

25. Watching your favorite professor tell jokes in class, but never visiting them during office hours.

26. Sitting in the back of the class, even though you have to squint to see the chalkboard.

27. Clicking with a stranger you meet on campus, but never asking for their phone number.

28. Worrying about your reputation instead of just doing what makes you happy.

29. Going home every weekend, because you’d rather see your family than try to make friends on campus.

30. Turning down the free food that you’re offered.

31. Reading Sparknotes, without even giving the book a chance.

32. Avoiding the buildings you don’t have any classes in instead of walking inside and exploring them.

33. Texting during class. Or skipping class completely.

34. Complaining about everything that’s going wrong instead of appreciating everything that’s going right.

35. Comparing yourself to the genius that gets every answer correct in class.

36. Only becoming friends with people who have the same exact views as you do.

37. Walking from class to class instead of trying out a skateboard or bicycle at least once.

38. Trying to hide your face during your walk of shame instead of embracing the fact you just had sex with someone way out of your league.

39. Being too scared to sneak into an empty classroom and make out with your current fling.

40. Wishing that it was time to graduate instead of living in the moment and enjoying your college days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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