50 Adorable Goodnight Texts To Make Your Boyfriend Smile

Good night messages will remind your partner how much you care. If you want to make them feel loved and supported, then send them the perfect good night message before you fall asleep at night. A good night message will wish your partner sweet dreams and help them feel like they have something to look forward to tomorrow. Here are some tips for sending goodnight texts:

Pay them a compliment. Don’t assume your partner knows how you feel about them. Instead of letting your actions speak for you, text them the words running through your head. Remind them how much you love them and how you can’t wait to see them again.

Mention something fun you’re planning on doing tomorrow. Instead of focusing on how upset you are that you can’t be together tonight, focus on all the fun things you’re going to do tomorrow. Give them something to look forward to in the morning. Remind them that you have so much more planned for your future together.

Say something R-rated. There’s no harm in getting their mind wandering. If you say something flirtatious and suggestive, they won’t be able to get you out of their head. You’re all they’re going to be thinking about as they fall asleep and as they dream.

Good Night Texts

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If you can’t come up with any romantic messages on your own, here are some goodnight texts that you should send to your partner in order to make them feel special:

1. I can’t wait until the day I can stop texting you goodnight and can just whisper it into your ear.

2. The further away you are, the harder it is for me to fall asleep.

3. Good night darling. I wish I had my head on your chest instead of this pillow.

4. I hope I dream of you tonight, because I don’t think I can stand eight hours away from you.

5. I’m so tired. But I don’t want to stop talking to you.

6. My bed is much more comfortable when you’re in it.

7. Did I ever mention I sleep naked?

8. I hate saying goodnight. I’d rather say good morning.

9. My dog is sleeping in my bed with me, but there’s still plenty of room for you.

10. I feel like I’m already dreaming, because I’m texting my dream man.

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11. I wish I was cuddling with you instead of the teddy bear you bought me.

12. I can’t sleep, because I’m too excited about seeing you tomorrow.

13. I bought a skimpy new nightgown I know you’d love. I wish you were here to see it.

14. Have you looked at the moon tonight? It’s almost as gorgeous as you are.

15. I love you, but somehow, in the morning I’ll love you even more.

16. Just so you know, I’ve been sitting in bed, replaying the perfect day we had over and over in my head.

17. If you were in bed with me, we wouldn’t be sleeping.

18. I want sex and snuggles.

19. Why should I bother to fall asleep? I’m already living out my dream.

20. When are we moving in together? I never want to spend another night away from you.

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21. Would you call me corny if I admitted I keep my phone over my heart as I sleep?

22. You look adorable when you sleep. I wish I was there to see it.

23. I’m already half-asleep, but I just wanted to text you to remind you that I’m absolutely crazy about you.

24. Today was amazing. But I know tomorrow will be even better.

25. You better not have any nightmares. I don’t want anyone to hurt you, even in your dreams.

26. Dream of me, because I’m definitely going to be dreaming of you.

27. I wanted to make you smile before you drifted off to sleep. I hope this text does the trick.

28. I can’t fall asleep without hearing the sound of your breathing. Or your snoring.

29. I want your face to be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.

30. I miss everything about you. Sweet dreams, babe.

More Romantic Good Night Messages

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If you’re still searching for the perfect text to send to your person, you’re in luck. You can send them some of these romantic messages before you fall asleep tonight:

31. I want you to kiss my forehead and hold me close until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

32. Words can’t explain how much I miss you, but emojis might. 😢😿😢

33. It’s freezing in here. I wish I had your body pressed against me to warm me up.

34. I wish you were here, so we could cuddle all night and have sex all morning.

35. I don’t want to be the girl who can’t spend a night without her boyfriend, but… I am.

36. I sent a goodnight kiss through the phone. Did you get it?

37. Sleep tight. Dream of me. And message me as soon as you wake up.

38. Good night. Sweet dreams. I love you more than anything.

39. Good night honey. I hope you have pleasant dreams (with me in them!).

40. Good night sweetheart. I hope your tomorrow is even better than today.

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41. I’m having trouble falling asleep without you here with me.

42. I hope you have wonderful dreams that are just as wonderful as you are.

43. Sweet dreams tonight. I’ll see you first thing in the morning.

44. Good night my love. I’m so lucky that you are mine.

45. I hope you get a good night’s sleep because I’m going to be keeping you up all night tomorrow.

46. I wanted to send you a goodnight text to remind you how much you mean to me.

47. Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. (That’s my job!)

48. I wish I could fall asleep in your arms tonight. My blankets aren’t as comfortable without you.

49. Have a wonderful night, sweetheart. I’ll see you in your dreams.

50. I hope you dream beautiful dreams tonight. You deserve happiness when you’re asleep and awake.

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