29 Ways To Turn Down Sex Without Shattering His Ego

Twenty20, NickBulanovv
Twenty20, NickBulanovv

1. I’m not in the mood to be touched, but I’d love to watch you touch yourself.

2. It’s a no tonight, but it’ll be a yes in the morning.

3. Not now baby, but if you want to put on porn, I’ll watch it with you.

4. I’m tired right now, but if you want to wake me up with sex later, I won’t complain.

5. How about we take off all our clothes and cuddle instead?

6. My pussy is off-limits. But my mouth is available if you’re interested.

7. You’re not getting any sex tonight, but you’ll get it at least twice tomorrow.

8. Let me get some rest, so I’ll have plenty of energy to ride you tomorrow.

9. I’m not in the mood for sex, but I am in the mood for a massage.

10. The longer I make you wait, the better your orgasm is going to be.

11. It’s hard to say no to someone as sexy as you, but I have to do it.

12. I don’t feel like it tonight, but I’ll make it up to you in the morning.

13. I’m too tired tonight, but that’s okay, because I know I’m going to dream about fucking you.

14. I can’t give you an orgasm right now, but I can give you a kiss.

15. I want to use you as my pillow tonight and as my personal sex toy tomorrow.

16. Why don’t we wait until after I shower, so I can look my sexiest for you?

17. I don’t feel like getting naked, but I’ll slip into my lacy nightgown if you want me to.

18. Why don’t I show you some nudes that you can masturbate to instead?

19. It’s not going to happen tonight, but you can borrow my sex toys if you’d like.

20. I don’t feel like fucking, but I do feel like telling you how much I love you.

21. I don’t want you to touch my pussy, but you can touch my boobs as much as you want.

22. I’m not really in the mood for sex, but I’d be up for a long make-out session.

23. Not yet. Take a few hours to think about the kinkiest thing you could possibly do to me.

24. Not today. But tomorrow, I’ll let you do whatever the hell you want to me.

25. Let’s wait to have sex. I want to make you beg for it.

26. I’m not in the mood to go down on you right now, but you should feel free to go down on me.

27. I’ll give you a hand job, but that’s the best that I can offer at the moment.

28. Let me watch you touch yourself instead, so I can learn exactly what you like.

29. The only thing I want to do more than fuck you is sleep. Sorry, honey.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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