21 Signs He Could Make You Go Crazy In Bed

Lightstock, Brayden Heath
Lightstock, Brayden Heath

1. When you’re out at dinner, he listens to you and accurately reads your body language. You don’t have to tell him you’re uncomfortable in order for him to realize it. And you don’t have to tell him you’re horny for him to realize it. He can tell what you’re thinking.

2. When he touches your waist, your lower back, or even just your hands, you get chills. If an innocent touch has such a strong effect on you, imagine what would happen if those hands rubbed your clit.

3. If you have to wait an hour to be seated at a restaurant, he won’t whine. If you tell him you aren’t interested in kissing on the first date, he won’t complain. He’s patient. That means foreplay shouldn’t be a problem for him.

4. He holds open doors for you and offers you his jacket when you shiver. He’s chivalrous, which means he’s going to put your needs first inside and outside of the bedroom.

5. He has good hygiene. His nails are trimmed, his hair is combed, and his breath smells delicious. That means his genitals shouldn’t be overflowing with hair.

6. He’s eloquent. He knows how to hold a conversation and can make even the dirtiest jokes sound pretty. That means he’ll be an expert when it comes to dirty talk.

7. He’s active. It doesn’t matter how big his muscles are or how skinny his waist is, because if he actually works out, he shouldn’t get out of breath after two minutes of thrusting. That means you won’t get stuck being on top.

8. He plays guitar or works on a construction site. Basically, he’s good with his hands. Very good with his hands.

9. He makes you feel hot. Maybe it’s the way he compliments your outfits. Maybe it’s the way he looks at you. Either way, your confidence skyrockets whenever he’s around.

10. Even though he isn’t interested in films with subtitles, he’s agreed to watch one with you. He’s open-minded. That means he won’t judge you for whatever kinky shit you want to do in bed.

11. He actually wears decent outfits during your dates. He doesn’t have to show up in a suit, but he should at least put some effort into his appearance. If he does, it means he’s willing to try hard to impress you.

12. He doesn’t get embarrassed easily. That means queefs and bumping teeth won’t faze him.

13. He makes you feel comfortable. You don’t squirm away when he touches your thighs and you don’t avoid the question when he asks you something personal. You’re at ease with him, so you know you won’t feel shy when it’s time to take your clothes off.

14. He offers you bites of his dessert and he offers to pick up the check. He’s a giver, which means he’ll probably give you the gift of oral.

15. He can dance. Watch how he gyrates those hips on the dance floor, because the way he grinds up against you in public will be similar to the way he moves against you in the bedroom.

16. He has tattoos. Okay, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be amazing in bed, but it will give you something sexy to stare at while he thrusts, which is always a good thing.

17. He’s confident. And nothing is sexier than confidence, inside and outside of the bedroom.

18. He never brags about how many women he’s slept with, or even worse, how big his dick is. Any guy who tries to talk about how skilled he is instead of proving it to you is overcompensating. Don’t waste a condom on him.

19. He has good taste in music. After all, turning on Achy Breaky Heart during sex would ruin the mood. Be thankful that he likes the same songs as you do.

20. There’s a shit ton of sexual tension between the two of you. If you have a strong connection, then it doesn’t matter if he’s an inexperienced virgin. You’ll still feel sparks when your clothes come off.

21. He’s a spectacular kisser. If he makes you wet when he touches your lips, imagine what will happen when he touches your other set of lips. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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