18 Things He’s Dying For You To Do While He’s Thrusting Into You

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. If his clothes aren’t off already, then grab his shirt and lift it over his head. Show him that you’re crazy about his body and are dying to see it completely uncovered.

2. Wrap your legs around his torso (or his neck). If you can, cross your ankles so that it feels like you’re holding onto him extra tightly.

3. Or you could try throwing your legs over his shoulders. You can either put your left leg on his left shoulder and your right leg on his right shoulder, or you could put both legs over the same shoulder. It’ll create slightly different types of sensations.

4. Reach behind him and grab his ass to pull him closer. It’ll make each thrust feel even deeper.

5. Touch yourself by rubbing your clit or playing with your tits. He’ll love watching you run your hands over your body, and the extra touches will make it easier for you to get off. Everybody wins!

6. Do Kegels while he’s inside of you. That way, he’ll feel your muscles clenching on his cock. It’ll make him cum quicker than ever.

7. Grab his hair to pull him closer and then give him a passionate kiss. Or grab his hair to pull him away from you so you can look him in the eyes.

8. Grab the muscles on his arms or his legs and squeeze. Show him that you appreciate how hard he works out and that you think his body is drop dead gorgeous.

9. Tilt your pelvis or put a pillow underneath your bootie to create a better angle of penetration.

10. Grab his hands and place them where you want them. On your waist? On your tits? On your throat? Put them there, so he knows exactly what you want him to do to you.

11. Talk dirty. Tell him to keep shoving his cock into you and to reach underneath you to play with your ass. And when you’re about to cum, tell him that, too.

12. Make eye contact with him. If you’re in love, then looking into each other’s eyes should be a major turn on for the both of you. It makes sex feel a little less animalistic and a little more intimate.

13. You don’t actually have to lift your hips in time with his thrusts. If you throw him off of his rhythm, sex could go stale fast. So let him do his thing. It’s actually best for you to keep your hips still.

14. Reach your hands around him, so you can leave scratch marks down his back. Or, if you can’t reach that sweet spot, reach for his thighs and dig your nails in there.

15. Moan. Don’t exaggerate the sounds. Just let them fly from your mouth naturally. It’ll sound way hotter than fake moans do.

16. Instead of grabbing him, you can grab onto your sheets or a pillow. Just make sure he sees how tightly you’re latching on (or biting down), so he knows how much you’re enjoying his body.

17. Give him a tender kiss on the lips, cheeks, or forehead. Throw a little romance into the act.

18. And kiss him everywhere else. His neck, his collarbone, his chest, his earlobes. They’re all there for the taking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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