16 Sensual Ways To Wake Her Up With An Orgasm


1. Climb under the covers and in between her legs. Then start licking.

2. Get into cuddling position, with her as the little spoon, so you can reach your hand around to play with her clit until she’s wet enough for sex. Then you can slide her pajama pants down and thrust into her–all while staying in that intimate spooning position.

3. Find her vibrator (one with a low volume) and place it against her nipples. Then her thighs. Then her clit. Pretty soon, she should stop snoring and start moaning.

4. If you have morning wood, you might as well use it. Press it against her booty as you’re spooning her. If she’s in the mood, then she’ll let out a little moan or do a little wiggle.

5. To take things up a notch, you can remove your pants, so your hard cock can slide between her legs as you’re spooning. Slide it back and forth slowly without penetrating, so it hits her clit. It’ll feel amazing for her.

6. Run your fingers over her skin as gently as you can. Then use one hand to stroke her hair while the other plays with her clit. Keep rubbing until you make her cum with your fingers.

7. Start her morning off with a massage. You don’t have to rub her feet or her back. You can rub her breasts. Just release little moans as you do so, so she knows her body is turning you on.

8. If she likes being dominated, then get on top of her and pin her down. A rough surprise will be the perfect way to start her day.

9. Of course, if you know she’d prefer a gentler method, put on music you know she loves. Play something soft and sweet. Something perfect to wake up to. Something perfect to make love to.

10. Instead of waking her up with your body, wake her up with your words. Push a piece of her hair aside and whisper into her ear. Tell her how beautiful she looks when she sleeps and how you’re so thankful you get to start the morning off with her.

11. If you’re already spooning, with your chest pressed against her back, you should kiss her neck. Then leave a trail of kisses down to her shoulder.

12. Sneak out of bed to brush your teeth. When you return with minty fresh breath, place kisses against her forehead and chest and stomach. Kiss her all over until she’s awake and can be kissed on the lips.

13. Instead of cuddling while facing the same direction, pull her toward you so that you’re face-to-face. It’ll make it easier for you to initiate sex that way. You can kiss her lips, stroke her cheeks, and even dry hump her.

14. If you’re having trouble sliding down her pants to give her oral, you can simply lift up her shirt and put your tongue on her tits instead. That shouldn’t be hard to do.

15. If she’s resting with her head on your chest, then grab her hand and move it toward your cock so she can feel how hard you are. Depending on her reaction, it’ll be pretty obvious or if she wants to get dirty or wants to be left alone.

16. Bring her a tray filled with heart-shaped eggs, bacon, and a single rose. Breakfast in bed is the only thing that beats an orgasm. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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