15 Sugary Sweet Things She Wishes You’d Do During Slow, Gentle Sex

1. Leave tender little kisses on sensitive areas of her body, like her bare shoulders, her neck, and her back. And make a point to kiss the areas she’s insecure about, like her stomach and thighs, to show her you love every part of her.

2. Remove her clothing piece by piece, admiring every part of her body as it’s revealed to you. Don’t rush. Take your time. Have a miniature make-out session after you remove her shirt, and then again after you remove her skirt, until she’s completely nude.

3. Play with her hair. Tuck strands back behind her ear, smooth them down, and let your fingers linger on the ends of them.

4. Hold her hand while you’re kissing, and continue holding her hand once you’re inside of her. It’ll make everything feel more intimate. It’ll make it feel less like fucking and more like making love.

5. Massage her breasts with your hands and let your thumbs gently graze her nipples. Be gentle. Treat her like she’s a delicate work of art and use slow, soft movements.

6. Don’t ram your cock into her pussy with a sudden, surprising jolt. Slide into her slowly. As slowly as you can. The longer you make her wait, the more she’ll want you.

7. Look into her eyes as you thrust, so she knows you love her as much as you love her body. You don’t have to stare for so long that it becomes creepy. Just make sure you’re more focused on her eyes than on her boobs.

8. Move your fingertips over her skin, from her shoulder down to her wrist, or from her chest down to her stomach. Those light, feathery touches will send shivers down her spine.

9. Whisper into her ear to tell her how beautiful she is and that you’re madly in love with her. Make it clear that there’s no other woman you’d rather be sharing your bed with.

10. Hold her face in your hands as you lean down to kiss her. Stroke her cheeks and run a thumb across her lower lip.

11. When you thrust, remember to do so slowly and gently. You don’t have to move hard and fast in order to enjoy yourselves. Slow and steady wins the race.

12. Reach between her legs and play with her clitoris. Don’t move too quickly or apply too much pressure. Just make small circles as you press your lips against hers.

13. Smile when you want to smile and laugh if you want to laugh. Let her see that you realize you’re blessed to have her with you. That you’re honestly having a great time.

14. If you really want to set the mood, then you should put on soft music or set out a bottle of wine. Or, if you’re a fan of toys, you can even try grabbing a feather and running it across her body to tickle her skin.

15. Once you’ve both had an orgasm, cuddle her while you’re still undressed. The skin-on-skin contact will feel like heaven, so it won’t be long until you fall asleep in each other’s arms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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