I Wanted To Murder My Cheating Boyfriend, But I Did Something Much More Disturbing

“What the fuck?” he mouthed, reaching for the bottle of water I’d left on the end table. He chugged it, swallowing as much as he could take, but nothing happened. He was starting to freak the fuck out and it showed.

This could actually be fun…

I wiped the Silent Sapphire lipstick off with the back of my hand, just in time to hear him say, “Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.”

He was in the midst of asking me why I was laughing when I started to apply the Immobile Orange lipstick. “It’s okay, baby,” I said. “I’ll make it all better.”

When I pressed my lips against his, he collapsed, his head bumping the corner of the table. I wondered if the collision blurred his vision. Wondered if I looked like her as I straddled him, my groin pressed up against his.

“Are you doing that?” he asked. Now he could move his lips, but he couldn’t move his limbs. “What the hell? What the…?”

I reached for his phone and flipped through the photo gallery. Nudes, nudes, and more nudes. None of mine, even though I’d sent dozens of them over the years. Only Bethany. Her ass reflected in a dressing room mirror. Her tits barely covered by a towel. Her entirely naked body sprawled out in his fucking bed.

No way in hell would I let that happen again.


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