I Really Shouldn’t Be Saying This, But I Have A Paranormal Gift I’ve Been Hiding Since Childhood

“Of course. It’s cool. It’s cool.” His smirk had sunk into something sad, something weighed down with genuine disappointment.

(What the hell is this? You’re ruining everything.)

The words floated through my head, but they weren’t my thoughts. They were from her. I could hear her, banging away. Begging to return to her perfect little life. The life she would’ve fucked up if it weren’t for me.

(Please please please stop. I’m leaving Danny for him. I’ve been in love with him for like, forever.)

Could she zone into different universes, like I had learned to do? Maybe. Or maybe we hadn’t swapped bodies at all. Maybe she was still in this one with me. Maybe I was just squatting in her body while my body was laying limp somewhere with a faint pulse.

And maybe this change wasn’t as permanent as I’d hoped.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked, one hand scratching at his stubble. “I’ll stay if you need me. We don’t have to do… Anything. We can sit five feet apart.”

“I’m fine. Let me walk you out.”

I knew the house by heart. Take a left into the hallway and then a right into the kitchen, and voila, you’re at the front door. I started on the path, but paused when I noticed her my phone on the kitchen counter, sharing an outlet with a toaster.

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