Date Someone Who Will Play Pokémon Go With You

Date someone who will agree to go on walks around the block with you, phone in hand, even though they find it bizarre that your lazy ass is suggesting something active.

Date someone who will help you watch where you’re going, so you don’t end up walking into the middle of the street and getting smashed by a car while trying to catch a Jigglypuff.

Date someone who won’t be embarrassed when you squeal like a little kid in public, because you finally found something better than a Pidgey.

Date someone who will turn their hat backwards whenever a wild Pokemon appears, because they don’t want to wait until Comic Con rolls around to cosplay.

Date someone who will step in front of your phone’s camera and pose with the Pokémon you’re about to catch.

Date someone who agrees to go to the beach with you, even if it’s a two-hour drive and the only reason you’re going is to see if you can catch any water types.

Date someone who will send you ridiculous pictures of the Rattata they found in their toilet and the Horsea they found on their dinner table.

Date someone who will drive you around town while you stare at your phone screen, because you’re too lazy to walk too far.

Date someone who won’t feel awkward loitering in front of random churches, because they know you need to secure as many items as you can from the nearest PokeStop.

Date someone who will let you borrow their phone charger when you run out of battery from keeping the app open all day long.

Date someone who doesn’t think it’s at all weird that you’ve become obsessed with a “kiddie” game overnight, even though you’re technically considered an adult now.

Date someone who downloads the app, even if they’ve never actually been interested in Pokémon before, because you haven’t shut up about the game since you’ve gotten it and they want to see what the hype is about.

Date someone who will let you look through their Pokédex, and will tell you exactly where they found their rare Pokémon, and then will take you there to catch them.

Date someone who won’t get annoyed by all of the catch phrases you’re trying to bring back from Brock, Misty, Ash, and Team Rocket.

Date someone who doesn’t get pissed when you play Pokémon Go at inappropriate times, like when you’re meant to be having a romantic picnic at the park.

Date someone who will sit on the couch and watch reruns of old Pokémon episodes whenever the servers go down and you can’t continue playing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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