35 Unbreakable Rules Of Couple Code Everyone In A Relationship Should Follow


1. Give your partner the passcode for your phone.

2. Put on music you both enjoy when you’re riding in the car together.

3. Share your french fries, even if you only ordered the small size.

4. Wait until they get home to put on the show that you promised to watch together every week.

5. Pick a side of the bed and don’t even think about asking to switch.

6. Agree to go on the dates that they seem super excited about, even if the idea doesn’t interest you at all.

7. Ask them for permission before you eat the leftovers in the fridge that you know they’ve been saving.

8. Clean out the tub or sink after shaving, so it doesn’t clog up the drain.

9. Never give out your number to a stranger who clearly only wants it so they can get in your pants.

10. Consult them before you make any major life decisions, like quitting your job or trading in your car.

11. Don’t get wasted at your partner’s family functions, especially if you’re still trying to make a good impression with their parents.

12. Never involve each other’s friends in an argument. Wait until their buddies are out of earshot before you start fighting.

13. Pick up their favorite snack whenever you go grocery shopping, even if you’d never dream of eating it yourself.

14. Thank them whenever they do something sweet for you, even if it’s something they do every single day.

15. Never ever forget their birthday or your anniversary.

16. Switch sex positions when they’re clearly too tired to continue being in control.

17. Don’t spoil the shows and movies that they haven’t seen yet, but plan on watching sometime soon.

18. Before you ask your friends to attend a big event with you, ask your partner if they’d like to go.

19. Offer to answer their texts for them while they’re driving, so they don’t end up putting both of your lives in danger.

20. Go down on them just as often as they go down on you.

21. Never ever let your ex’s name slip out of your mouth when you’re having sex, receiving oral, or are naked for any other reason.

22. Offer them the food on your plate that you couldn’t finish before you toss it all in the trash.

23.  If your partner texts you while you’re on a group date, don’t let anyone know the text was from them. They’re either telling you they’re horny, or they’re telling you how they can’t stand one of the other couples, so keep your lips sealed.

24. Watch their favorite television show with them, even if you don’t understand what’s all that interesting about it. 

25. Ask them if they want anything whenever you head to the fridge.

26. Share your blanket with them.

27. Take away their keys when they’re too drunk to drive, even if they get unreasonably pissed off about it. 

28. Never complain about them on social media. 

29. Answer their texts as soon as you can, especially if they seem worried about you.

30. Tell them where you’re going whenever you leave the house for an extended period of time.

31. If your partner fibs about having to work the next day as an excuse to leave a party early, go along with it. You live together, you lie together.

32. Love their pets like they’re your pets.

33. Brag to your friends about them more than you complain to your friends about them.

34. Never ever use their toothbrush.

35. Tell them you love them every single time that the thought pops into your head. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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