30 Risqué Ways To Turn On A Girl Who Is Into Bad Boys

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1. As soon as you see her, push her up against the wall and start kissing her neck.

2. When you’re in the missionary position, pin her arms above her head so she’s unable to move.

3. Eye fuck her from across the room for as long as you can take before pulling her into the nearest bathroom and ripping her clothes off.

4. Kiss her while she’s in the middle of a sentence, and then turn that kiss into full-blown sex.

5. Strut your stuff in a leather jacket or a leather vest.

6. Even better, see if you can stuff yourself into a pair of tight leather pants.

7. And wear eyeliner. It’s not girly. It’s sexy AF.

8. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, then show up at her house with an extra helmet and ask her if she wants to go for a ride.

9. Give her orders when you’re in bed together, so she feels like she’s the sub to your dom.

10. If she fails to follow those orders, spank her so hard that it leaves a handprint on her ass.

11. Rub her clit underneath the table when you two are out in public together.

12. When you can’t take the sexual tension anymore, get up to visit the bathroom, and whisper for her to meet you inside for a quickie.

13. Take out your handcuffs (the metal kind, not the fuzzy pink kind) and wrap them around her wrists.

14. Grab the first scarf or tie you can find and use it as a blindfold, so she can’t see all of the naughty things that you’re about to do to her.

15. When you’re covered in grease from fixing the car, tell her to meet you in the shower so you can fuck underneath the water.

16. When she least expects it, hug her from behind while you kiss the back of her neck.

17. When another man makes an inappropriate comment about her ass that clearly makes her uncomfortable, tell them to back the fuck off.

18. Go down on her until she’s close to coming, stop until she begs you for more, and then finally give her what she asked for.

19. Initiate sex when you’re in the riskiest possible location, like at a concert swarming with other people.

20. Talk dirty to her. Don’t hold back, because she wants to hear something filthy slip out of your lips.

21. Put on MCR, Nine Inch Nails, or whatever other band she’s into as you fuck her in the backseat of your car.

22. Role play as her favorite TV bad boy and just wait for her pants to drop.

23. Play her the guitar or the drums or any other instrument you think you can pull off.

24. When you’re at a bar with her and her friends, text her about how sexy she looks and how badly you want to bend her over the pool table.

25. Squeeze or slap her ass when you’re out in public and you don’t think anyone else is looking your way.

26. Instead of sending her dick pics, send her some shirtless pics with your jeans so low that your v-line is exposed.

27. Have a few beers, take her up on the rooftop, and fuck her while looking up at the stars.

28. While you’re thrusting, grab her waist so hard that you leave fingerprints on her skin.

29. Also, bite her neck and nibble on her ear.

30. Most importantly, play the part of a confident motherfucker. The sexier you act like you are, the sexier she’ll think you actually are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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