30 PG Things That Long-Lasting Couples Do In Bed Together

Twenty20, ana_lombardini
Twenty20, ana_lombardini

1. You stick your cold feet under their warm body in order to get yourself more comfortable, even if it means they’ll be less comfortable.

2. You purposely try to creep them out by staring at them when their eyes are closed or by breathing heavy in their ear.

3. You repeat compliments you’ve already given them a million times before about how comfortable they are and about how good they smell.

4. You try to cuddle, even though all of the pets are on the bed with you, and it’s hard for you to move without accidentally smacking one of them in the face.

5. You remind them to do little things that might’ve slipped their mind, like to take their medication and to remove their contact lenses.

6. You sing each other to sleep. But instead of cooing lullabies, you sing theme songs to shows you watched back in the ’90s.

7. You sit on your assigned sides of the bed and read separate novels, like an old couple.

8. You stay up all night talking about hypothetical situations, which is why you’re both prepared for natural disasters, alien invasions, and zombie apocalypses.

9. You climb under the covers so you can cuddle with them, even if you’re boiling hot and don’t understand why the hell they need to wear three blankets at once.

10. You pull them closer when they whimper in their sleep, because you can tell that they’re having another nightmare.

11. You set emergency alarms for them on your phone, just in case their alarm stops working, because you don’t want them to be late for work.

12. You play fight by throwing fake punches at each other and rolling around on the bed. Sometimes, you’ll even resort to tickling.

13. You fart, and you don’t even feel the need to apologize for it.

14. You help each other get changed in and out of pajamas without turning things sexual.

15. You complain about everything that’s bothering you, from the way your co-workers gossip to the way your mosquito bites itch.

16. You use their phone to check Twitter when yours is stuck in its charger on the other side of the room and you’re too lazy to get it.

17. You catch up on all the shows you have saved on your DVR that you pinkie promised you’d watch together.

18. You download random apps and play them, even though you realize they’re silly time wasters.

19. You listen to music on your iPod and drift off to sleep while it’s still playing.

20. You get pissed off when they sit on your side of the bed, because you have a silent agreement to stick to your own side.

21. You keep talking to them, even when their lids are half-closed, because you’re still wide awake and don’t want to be left alone.

22. You show them the strange text messages that your friends sent you and try to decipher what they mean.

23. You give them kisses in innocent places, like on their forehead and on the back of their hand.

24. You talk about your fun date plans for the next weekend, because you’re genuinely excited to spend more time with them.

25. And you make plans for far into the future. You’ll talk about what your wedding will be like and what you’ll name your twin children.

26. You share cookies and candy bars, even though you promised each other you’d never eat in bed.

27. You groom each other. For some reason, you don’t find it weird to pluck dandruff off of their shirt or to pop the zits on their back.

28. You use baby talk one second and speak like a sailor the next second, because you’re comfortable acting silly around them.

29. You remind them of how much you love them before you drift off to sleep every single night.

30. In the morning, you come up with as many excuses as you can to stay in bed just a little longer, because the last thing you want to do is move from their warm embrace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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