29 Confused People Talk About The Freaky Coincidences That Really Fucked With Their Minds

If you search through Reddit, you’ll find plenty of strange stories about coincidences that are almost too freaky to believe. Maybe they’re just flukes. Or maybe they’re something else entirely…
Alex Stoddard
Alex Stoddard

1. My uncle put off his death on purpose

Here’s one that mum told me. A while back, Mum and her family were gathered around her uncle in his home, who had been terminal with cancer, and wanted to die in his home. Anyway, being catholic he wanted to receive his last rites. His breathing pattern was extremely odd until the priest arrived, and gave him his rites. Totally relaxed death and was only 15 seconds after priest arrived that he died. But here’s the weird part.

After roughly 30 seconds of being out of it, he ‘came back’. He turned to his wife and muttered very softly ‘I can’t go yet, it’s too busy’. He then slipped into a state of unconsciousness, and died probably 2 hours later, once again very relaxed death. Next day we turned on the news, and last night at seriously 15 mins after his first ‘death’ was the detonation of the historic Bali bombings that killed many people. I’ve never really been sure on religion/afterlife, but this experience of mum’s has always made me think.

2. My dog knew the exact moment when my friend died

My best friend died via assisted suicide at my house (did an AMA awhile back). After she drank her lethal cocktail, she slipped into a coma and then it took about 40 minutes for her to finally pass. We kept taking her pulse every two minutes or so. Finally, my Great Dane who had been sleeping bolted upright and let out one muffled “woof”, and then stared directly at my friend, then her eyes tracked slowly up from her, through the air, up towards the ceiling. We leaned over to take her pulse again, and this time she was gone.

3. I predicted a major plane crash

When I was about 12 I had a terrible nightmare in which two planes collided in mid-air. It was extremely vivid and I woke up in a panic. My bedroom was right next to the family bathroom and after about 30 mins of lying in bed freaking out I noticed the landing light come on and knew that a parent was heading to the bathroom. Now by twelve I wasn’t the sort to bother my parents about nightmares any more, but I was convinced there was going to be a plane crash, so I rushed out to my mum and told her everything. She said I was being stupid and that I should just read and try to get back to sleep. The next morning my mum comes rushing into my room and pulls me out of bed and has my dad with her. She asks me to tell him about my nightmare and then they both looked freaked out. They insisted that I went downstairs with them to watch the news. I thought they were pranking me or something but when I got down breakfast news was running a story about a plane crash. We later worked out that I’d woken up around about the time the crash itself took place. Nothing like this has happened since.


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